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WOW: A True Christmas Blessing For Military Families…This Is How To Support Our Troops!

It’s Christmas time – and everybody likes a good warm and fuzzy Christmas tale.

This time, the story of heart-warm and glad tidings comes from the business sector; the private business sector, the one and very same cited by President Obama and his administration over the last near-eight years as the epitome of greed and evil.

Well, move over President Obama. Not only is there a new president in town. But there’s a new spirit, and it’s one marked by generosity, not fear of regulatory burden – by outreach to fellow American in needs, not overreach of federal bureaucracy.

“FedEx and the Christmas Spirit Foundation are joining forces again for a special delivery to America’s service members and their families with the Trees for Troops program,” Fox News reported.

The program launched in 2005. And since, FedEx has shipped more than 176,000 real Christmas trees to service members and military families.


The shipments have gone to all branches of the military, and at 65 bases in 17 countries.

“We have had an amazing year with Trees for Troops,” said Ann O’Connor, executive director of Christmas Spirit Foundation, Fox News reported. “This program is a huge highlight each year with the Christmas tree growers who are able to donate Christmas trees from their farms.”

Donald Trump says “Merry Christmas” is back and we couldn’t be happier. It’ll be nice to see the spirit of Christmas revived and it’s doubly awesome that this story involves some of the most worthy recipients of Christmas cheer.

Be thankful that your military members are safe this year, and pray they always remain safe and happy!

Source: Fox News

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