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WOW: 8-Year-Old Writes Touching Christmas Letter To Donald Trump…Hope Is Going Viral!

Published with permission from the parents, slightly edited for readability…she’s a smart girl but hey, she’s 8. 😉

Dear Mr. President,

I already wrote my letter to Santa. I hope I get what I asked for but it’s okay if I don’t because I already got a great Christmas present.

That’s why I’m writing this letter. I wanted to thank you.

Mom and dad are happy again.  When I was in second grade, they’d come home from work sad a lot. They have their own business and they work very hard. There are some nights when I have a babysitter who I don’t really like and I don’t get to see mom and dad until really late. I’m already in bed when they come home sometimes.

And they always seemed so worried about something. They never told me but I could tell. But now I’m in third grade and a little while ago they started smiling again. I asked mom and she said business people felt better. I asked her why and she said Donald Trump was going to help.

I also heard her tell dad that they would be saying Merry Christmas more this year. They really have, too. Last year they sort of whispered it and other people said it quietly too, like the way I talk to Becky in class when I don’t want the teacher to hear.


The house has more decorations this year too. I asked dad if they were making more money at work and he said no and “things don’t happen overnight” but he just felt better. I was so happy that I told my friends in school but some of them were mean and called me names. I didn’t understand. They said their parents told them to feel bad about Donald Trump and when I told them what dad said, they were even meaner.

I don’t know why. But I’m home for Christmas now and I don’t care because my family seems so happy.

I asked mom about the kids at school and why they were mean. She said she knew the parents of those kids. She said she grew up with some of them and she knew why they told their kids what they did. I asked her why she was different and she said, “because I grew up.” I guess that’s how she got so old!

I’m sorry that I don’t know much about your job and I’m afraid to ask the teacher because I’m a little afraid of saying your name in class. But it’s okay. Mom and dad are saying Merry Christmas all the time and even though they still work so hard and so long, they smile so much more.

And if they tell me it’s because of Donald Trump and because the new President of the United States makes them feel better, then I believe them. That’s why I am writing you this letter and I hope you have a Merry Christmas too!



P.S. If Santa doesn’t bring me the kitten I want, do you think you might be able to get one for me? I asked for a white one but it doesn’t have to be white.

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