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Horrific Church Shooting Leaves 6 Dead…Here’s Why The Mainstream Media Ignored It

The mainstream media’s racism has officially crossed the line to outright hatred of African-Americans…and the Democrats are 100% complicit!

Blacks are dying in massive numbers in cities all around this nation. It should be viewed as a terrible failure for our mayors and governors in said cities.

What’s more, these leaders should be working hand-in-hand with our federal government to help stop the flow of blood.

President Donald Trump has vowed to cleanse the country of both illegal immigrants and violent gangs, but let’s not forget the domestic issues that continue to plague our inner cities.

It doesn’t help that the mainstream media refuses to report on incidents that might paint African-Americans in a bad light. And God forbid if a black person shot white people…you’ll never hear a peep.

Have you heard this story? Chances are, your answer will be “no.”

Allen B. West:

“Investigators now say six young people – five teenagers and a baby – were injured by gunfire Saturday night at a festival at Cathedral of the Cross A.O.H. Church of God off Center Point Parkway.

Deputies said four people were reported at the scene with gunshot wounds. Another two people were later discovered to have been driven to a hospital in a private car with minor gunshot wound injuries.

Four of the victims, including the one-year-old, were struck by single shots in the leg, one was struck in the elbow, and one grazed in the shoulder. The teenaged victims ranged in ages from 16 to 18.”

Suspiciously, the local media failed to provide a physical description of the assailant. Nor was a photo or police sketch provided to aid police in the search for the missing shooter.

Another strange aspect of this story was the fact that this one was NOT PICKED UP BY THE LARGER MEDIA OUTLETS. Then the truth:

The shooter was in fact an African-American teenager. At that point, it all started to make sense.

The mainstream media has shown its particular loathing for African-Americans by it complete disregard for this story, and they don’t even get that this is the epitome of racism.

Bottom line: They didn’t think that the people who were shot in this church were important enough to talk about. They also don’t like the idea of black-on-black crime; if a white person had done this, it would’ve been on CNN in minutes.

This is precisely why the mainstream media needs a complete overhaul, and why America should be wary of their ignorant, and even dangerous, bias.

Source: Allen B. West,

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