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CNN Just Hit Trump White House With 1 Filthy Insult – Do You Think It’s Treason?

Watching the news is truly an unholy experience these days.

You’d think if anyone was concerned with consistency, the Geneva Convention would have already outlawed the nightly news due to its severe and tortuous effects.

Who needs Nickleback and crappy mainstream music to torture Muslim terrorists when you can just turn on CNN to get the job done?

Then liberals would be in a really tough spot about whether or not to whine about it.

Jokes aside – besides the fact that the network IS a joke – CNN’s ratings are in the gutter, where the brains and morals of their commentators reside.

Lord only knows where they’d be if televisions in every doctor’s office and airport in America weren’t tuned into them all day every day. One wonders if they’d even have a viewership without this.

But doctors can probably ill-afford to do so, since my theory is that they leave on CNN to make patients temporarily forget their physical ailments by transferring them into a different type of suffering.

Now for today’s anti-American travesty: CNN’s super diversity hire, Don Lemon, who’s both black AND gay, condescends daily during his few hours in the anchor chair.

One of Don’s favorite things to do is to shamelessly call people racist or radical, even when there’s no proof of it.

And while that’s par for the course for liberals, he just took it one step further and accused the ENTIRE White House of being racist. Congrats, Don, you just tipped the insane Lefty scale.

As reported at the Daily Caller, on Wednesday Lemon made the statement that anyone who works in the White House and supports President Donald Trump is “complicit in their racism.”

Let me be plainly clear, anyone who is in that White House and is supporting him [Trump] is complicit in their racism as well,” Lemon said on “New Day.”

He also accused Trump of stirring up racial animus and being openly hostile to former President Barack Obama.

We know now why he’s so upset. For those of you who did know, so obsessed with Barack Obama. Barack Obama was a black president. Maybe he didn’t think Barack Obama was fit to be in office.

He traded on racial animus and racial BS and he’s been doing it for decades, and we are going to sit here and pretend that we’re surprised,” Lemon said.

Lemon was very upset over Trump’s comments concerning Charlottesville, expressing confusion and shock that any blacks or Jews would dare stand beside him on the podium during his press conference denouncing the hate and violence.

You see, for leftists, conservatives’ disavowal or denouncement of radicals or their actions is never good enough.

Funny thing is, no matter how mild the actions of someone even tangentially associated with the Right, if they deem them wrong, they expect every one of us to grovel and repent.


But when Antifa and BLM murders, burns down neighborhoods, or beats conservatives, the Left not only doesn’t condemn the actions but instead blames conservatives for being the “cause” for the Left’s antics.

You just can’t win with these people because they’re not living in reality. They haven’t been for decades and it’s just terrifying.

Continues Lemon:

How can anyone defend what he the president said yesterday. It is indefensible.

I can’t believe people get up here on CNN and on other networks and defend, actually try to defend, especially African Americans and Jewish people, to try to defend what Donald Trump said yesterday.

There is no defense for what he said yesterday,” Lemon concluded.

Don also called Trump’s comments “un-American” and “disgusting,” because to him, Trump is a modern day Hitler.

Despite decades of public scrutiny and coverage, Trump wasn’t accused of being a racist until he ran for office. I wonder why those accusations only started so recently…?

And now they’re not mere accusations; it’s said like it’s Gospel truth, as if there’s no denying it. Yet no evidence exists that shows he’s ever treated a gay person or minority with anything other than fairness.

But because he objectively doled out criticism over the Charlottesville violence, he’s now a white supremacist.

It’s beyond absurd to make that leap, but that’s what the Left does when you try to look for the truth in situations that involve race.

No matter what kind of hateful people or groups were involved in the incident, we shouldn’t self-censure ourselves just because we’re afraid be called sympathizers or supporters.

Digging for context and facts is independent of those things, but the Left discourages honest reporting about these issues with the threat of slanderous lies.

Being called a racist, white supremacist, or Nazi are fatalities in the Left’s playbook.

It’s a guaranteed way to silence opposition and position oneself as the “moral superior” in any situation, regardless of the accusation’s veracity or the facts surrounding the topic at hand.

It’s one of their most powerful tools, but one that can be easily nullified by simply standing one’s ground and refusing to play by their rigged rules.

The problem is that it takes a lot of courage to not flinch. But if you show a leftist that their accusations have no effect on you, they’ll immediately crumble, because in the end, lies are all they have.

Take the power of those lies away from them and they have nothing.

Source: Daily Caller

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