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ROASTED: Colin Kaepernick ANNIHILATED By Marine…Americans Cheering This Beatdown!

One of America’s fighting heroes had perhaps some of the best advice so far for Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick, of course, is the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback who consistently refuses to stand during the game-time playing of America’s National Anthem, out of protest for how his nation – the one that provides him with his multi-million dollar contract – treats blacks and minorities.

His behavior has of course prompted other minority athletes to take similar stances, much to the disgust of many Americans who believe these people are bashing the very country that allowed them to become deities. They’re Gods. Royalty. …and they’re accusing the U.S. of treating them unfairly.

Well, Jim Fraser, a former Marine and the father of a fallen Air Force staff sergeant, has some words of wisdom for Kaepernick.


On Fox & Friends, Fraser told him bluntly: Leave America.

And go to Cuba, he added.

His words, noted by Breitbart: “Why don’t you take that multi-million dollar contract, take a few million and invest it in programs for disadvantaged children? Or for programs, whatever your cause is – which, honestly, I haven’t figured out yet – or go sign a contract to play in Cuba.”

Ouch. No way Kaepernick would take that offer. If he did, you can be sure his million-dollar contracts would disappear, as would his public shows of political dissent. These guys just need to shut up and play their little game.

Protesting is fine but really, the pampered elites probably shouldn’t be the ones holding up signs and yelling at the media.

Source: Breitbart

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