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SICK Comedienne Does THIS To President Trump…Then Says Something Even MORE Disgusting

You can call anything “art” these days.

You can come up with the most disgusting, despicable, treasonous crap on earth and call it “art.”

Remember the painting that portrayed police officers as murderous wild boars? Remember where liberals thought it should be hanging?

Well, if you thought that was bad, prepare for one of the most infuriating, cringe-worthy stories of 2017 thus far.

Comedienne Kathy Griffin – and long-time CNN commentator, by the way – has made a career out of being crude and a little shocking. It’s basically her schtick and frankly, she’s never been funny a day in her life.

But perhaps to rejuvenate her flagging career, she decided to make a statement by “decapitating” the head of President Donald Trump.

Yes, it’s an effigy of the beheaded President of the United States and there are pictures of Griffin holding the bloody head.

Then everyone took to Twitter and absolutely ripped into the talentless “performer.”

And what is Griffin’s reaction to all this?

She calls it “art.” And no, she won’t be apologizing any time soon.

According to New York Magazine’s Yashar Ali, she said that what she did “is an expression of art” and as such, the image couldn’t and shouldn’t be condemned.

Of course, a whole lot of Americans see something else here, and that’s disgusting treason.

We live in an age where NOTHING is treasonous where Donald Trump is concerned, but the TINIEST slight on Barack Obama absolutely WAS treason.

Still, that Leftist hypocrisy doesn’t change the fact:

This is deplorable. Plain and simple.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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