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Hours After Concert Bombing, Police Made 1 Mysterious Arrest…Here’s Why Nobody Is Talking About It

We all know the horrific news by now.

During an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, a suicide bomber turned what should’ve been a fun evening into a complete nightmare.

The worst terror attack in Manchester’s history left 22 dead and at last 59 injured.

We’re wondering if England should consider closing its borders entirely, at least for a while, because such attacks cannot be tolerated and let’s face it…terrorism often comes from outside.

And since learning of the bomber’s identity – it’s a 22-year-old Libyan named Salman Abedi – everyone is asking the same question:

Given the man’s background and nationality, was he acting alone or was he part of a bigger network of terrorists?

Well, that’s a critical question and of course, liberals don’t want anyone to believe that terrorism networks exist within immigrant circles. They promote the “open door” policy until they’re blue in the face.

Which is precisely why nobody wants to talk about the possibility of a group-oriented attack, especially if every member of that group is clearly an immigrant (legal or otherwise).

If you dive into the New York Times report that announces Abedi’s name, you will find a brief mention of something else: An arrest nobody seems to be talking about.

Also on Tuesday, the police outside a nearby supermarket. It was not immediately clear whether or how that man was connected to the attack.

Oh, really?

All they’ll say is that this was “in connection” with Abedi and the bombing, which has since been confirmed to be the result of an ISIL plot.

There are obvious reasons why we don’t know more about this mysterious arrest:

First, it’s bad enough for the liberal media that the perpetrator’s name is Salman Abedi. There’s already damage control on the parts of CNN and the NYT; it’s subtle but it’s always there.

Second, if the network in question is bigger, and there are multiple members found in Manchester and in other parts of England, this is yet another HUGE strike against an open border policy.

Brexit has taken place, yes. But it’s going to take a long time before they can recover…and the same goes for the U.S. and our previously insane immigration policies.

The idea that hundreds of terrorists are living among innocent civilians really annoys the Left, and it’s primarily because it proves them dead flat wrong.

Just one more word here, to drive the point home: Poland.

Sources: New York Times, Twitter

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