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It’s OVER: Congress Just Hammered The Final Nail Into Obamacare’s Coffin…America Celebrates!

History is about ready to be made. …or remade, as the case may be.

We all know Obamacare is a train wreck, and we also know that a full repeal has been part of President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda from day one. And in recent weeks, we’ve seen positive steps taken toward that goal, which is very encouraging.

And another step has been taken.

Nine Republicans in the House opted to place politics above party in a vote yesterday on whether or not to begin “budget reconciliation” on Obamacare. In essence, it’s a bill that would allow Congress to begin repealing the Affordable Care Act!

Six years ago, after America begged President Obama and Democrat lawmakers not to enact Obamacare, Liberals voted in tandem without a single Republican tally to pass the ACA just to spite the American people. You might recall the huge flipping of the finger to Americans as Nancy Pelosi and Democrat members of the House gleefully and condescendingly marched arm-in-arm down the street with a comically oversized gavel of triumph clutched in their hands.

Now, Republicans attempting to right a tremendously egregious wrong in 2010, voted yesterday to repeal this monstrous experiment in Socialist expansion of power.

Allen B. West:

“As promised, Congressional Republicans are prepared to have an Obamacare repeal bill on President-elect Trump’s desk on (almost) day one.

Yesterday, the House voted 227-198 on a budget resolution which allows Republicans to use a process called “budget reconciliation” to dismantle major parts of Obamacare. The Senate already passed the resolution 51-48 on Thursday, which would require four committees on Capitol Hill to draft repeal legislation by January 27th.”

As feared by Trump supporters, factions of the Republican party, more interested in sitting on the fence than in doing what is morally right, chose to side with the Democrats in an effort to allay their own inner fears about the backlash of negative Leftist-controlled media coverage that was bound to occur.

Nine of these so-called “moderate” and “conservative” members of the House would rather have Liberal adulation than the respect of their constituents, citing ridiculous arguments for why they decided to buck the party’s efforts to bail out the taxpayer.

“Among the Republicans who sided with Democrats against the budget resolution were Reps. Justin Amash, Charlie Dent, Brian Fitzpatrick, Walter Jones, John Katko, Raul Labrador, Tom MacArthur, Thomas Massie and Tom McClintock. For them, it wasn’t because they oppose repealing Obamacare, but because they oppose the particular budget resolution for not being fiscally conservative overall.”

Fiscally conservative? You spineless Republicans have been handing the purse strings of the House of Representatives to President Obama for the past 8 years! NOW you want to be fiscally conservative?!

Kindly refrain from all the thinly-veiled false altruism on our parts. You need to act now! We have been given the GREEN LIGHT by the American people to proceed with the dismantling of a gigantic government power-grab and (FOR ONCE) not kick the can down the road for the next Congress to punt on!

Show some backbone and vote with your conscience instead of with your vanity!

Source: Allen B. West

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