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WOW! Fiery Conservative Host Defends Trump, Then Our President Picks Up The Phone And Changes Her Life

President Donald Trump doesn’t like the mainstream media, and for good reason.

Every time we turn around, we catch major media sources lying through their dirty teeth, all to suit an obvious liberal/socialist agenda.

Trump is tired of that.

Maybe it’s why he tuned in to check out a February 7 episode of “Hannity,” during which time he heard The Blaze host Tomi Lahren staunchly defend the new president. She also made it clear she wasn’t initially a supporter.

But as the campaign wore on, Lahren realized she was going to vote for Trump. Around this time, she started releasing short viral videos defending Trump, of which we at RWR are BIG fans.

Did you see this particularly awesome rant that set the internet ablaze late last year…?

Well, anyway, as Lahren said on “Hannity”:

I didn’t [support him] from the outset. But the more I got involved with some of the campaign events, the more I heard President Trump speak, I got on board.

Because mostly, because I saw so many average, everyday Americans in law enforcement, the blue-collar Americans, I saw them gravitating towards him. And I thought, this man is doing something amazing.

And what happened after that?

Well, according to the Washingtonian, Lahren received a shocking call from the president himself. Yep, Trump called her up later that same night and thanked her for her “fair coverage” of him. She said they spoke for “a solid 10 to 15 minutes,” too.

That’s pretty damn impressive, isn’t it?

It also shows that Trump is perfectly willing to give praise where praise is due, and he continues to look out for the people. He talks to regular people. He cares about them.

And by the way, his latest executive order might be the most democratic and the most American in this country’s history, because it values the people’s feedback. Did Obama ever do anything like that?

No, the dictator just dictated.

This is one of the reasons Lahren continues to stand up for Trump, and she won’t be backing down anytime soon:

Regarding her positive opinion on the president, it doesn’t see to be changing anytime soon.

“He is a good man,” Lahren says. “And what you see is what you get with him.”

Damn straight.

Sources: Western Journalism, Washingtonian

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