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Convicted Criminals Get 1 Perk Delivered DIRECTLY To Their Cells – Taxpayers Are RAGING!

Liberals constantly fight for convicted felons, rabidly attempting to get their sentences reduced, their rights citizens rights restored, and their perks in prison expanded.

Let’s repeat that first part: Convicted felons.

Is it any surprise they take what they can get, and attempt to utilize any loophole to cultivate MORE criminal endeavors?

Gangsters form super-gangs in the prisons, run extortion rings, prostitution rings and drug rings from behind bars, and reap the monetary rewards.

On top of which, liberal counties give these felons access to internet, cable television, conjugal visits, law libraries, weight equipment, and phone privileges that reach far beyond what should be considered acceptable.

It’s bad enough that criminal leeches keep stealing from the American public; we shouldn’t have to watch them get special treatment in prison.

But leave it to the corrupt Liberal machine in Chicago, Illinois, home of Barrack Obama, Rahm Emanuel and Al Capone, to take the term “Chicago-style pizza” to new heights.

Or should we say, new “lows?”

Fox News:

Inmates in the Cook County Jail can now order pizza delivered directly to their cells.

The medium-security prison has allowed pre-trial detainees to use their commissary to purchase pizza cooked on the premise.

 The ‘Recipe for Change’ program run by local restaurant owner, Chef Bruno Abate, looks to teach inmates skills that they can use when they are released, reports the Chicago Tribune.  

The pizzas cost between $5 and $7 and the selection of six pies includes classics like plain margherita and sausage.”

Of course, critics have been assured that this is not a humanitarian effort on behalf of Liberals.

“’This isn’t coddling the detainees,’ says sheriff spokeswoman Cara Smith who added that the sales will go towards funding the program itself.”

So what? How is criminals getting pizza in their own cells, ordering it from their phones like they’re sitting at home, NOT coddling?

Let them make the damn pizza for OTHER people. You know, those who didn’t break the law and are contributors to society, not drainers.

Plus, I would just love for spokeswoman Smith and Mayor Rahm Emanuel to be left in a room with all the families and friends of the victims of these inmates, so they can explain to them how this isn’t a luxury…

Source:  Fox News

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