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LOOK – Cops Check Antifa Thug’s Backpack, Then INSTANTLY Call For Backup

Patriot Prayer was out and about again, this time at a park where they had a permit to hold a rally and read from the Bible.

Unfortunately, wherever Patriot Prayer goes, trouble follows, as Anti-First Amendment (AntiFA) thugs inevitably show up to interfere.

A few weeks ago, a Patriot Prayer rally was interrupted by an Anti-Trump protest and things went from bad to worse, as the thugs pulled out a baseball bat and a knife.

Then there was the more humorous incident of an Antifa punk threatening a Patriot Prayer member…and the snowflake ending up on his back.

When the police rolled up on this most recent rally, there was no doubt about why the AntiFA crowd was there…and once again, it certainly wasn’t for peaceful discourse and debate.

MAD World News:

“Over the weekend, a pro-Trump group called Patriot Prayer held a permitted protest at Schrunk Plaza in Portland, Oregon.

The peaceful demonstration was short-lived, though, as violent Antifa thugs came out in force to stage a counter-protest across the street in Chapman Square.

The terrifying find police made inside of a backpack belonging to one of the Antifa protesters led to an immediate arrest.

The Antifa protesters had come prepared with backpacks full of weapons which could be used against the police and the supporters of President Donald Trump.

Police confiscated DYNAMITE, brass knuckles, knives, and sticks from the Antifa protesters.

As it is and always will be: Leftists only value Leftist debate. Anything else is punishable by TNT!

Remember when one of them tried to burn the American flag (before getting beat down by a true Patriot)? …if they hate this country so much, why are they still HERE?

Source: MAD World News

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