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Breaking: Corporate MEGA Giant Drops $7 Billion H-Bomb On America…Trump Scores HUGE!


The U.S. economy just got another gargantuan boost to the tune of $450 billion, and American workers everywhere were cheering their brains out.

But man, that’s hardly the only positive economic news in the past few months.

How about the $2 TRILLION worth of wealth pumped back into the stock market after Trump was elected? These numbers are so unbelievably massive and really, it’s just getting exhausting, right?

President Trump seriously needs to take his foot off the accelerator of this economy!

How can we possibly deal with even more jobs being created when so many people have yet to experience the utter joy and fulfillment of a cradle-to-grave experience on government assistance?

Here’s the skinny: More than 100 companies signed onto and filed a legal brief in opposition to the president’s recent travel ban. One of those companies was Intel.

Trump invited the CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, to the White House to speak with him regarding business in the U.S.


“Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich met with President Donald Trump on Wednesday, where the company announced it will invest $7 billion in a factory employing up to 3,000 people.

The factory will be in Chandler, Arizona, the company said, and over 10,000 people in the Arizona area will support the factory. Krzanich confirmed to CNBC that the investment over the next three to four years would be to complete a previous plant, Fab 42, that was started and then left vacant.

The 7 nanometer chips will be produced there will be ‘the most powerful computer chips on the planet,’ Krzanich said in the Oval Office with the Trump administration. Most Intel manufacturing happens in the U.S., Krzanich said.

After the announcement, Trump tweeted his thanks to Krzanich, calling the factory a great investment in jobs and innovation.”

Apparently, Trump has everything well in hand.

Companies in the U.S., despite not being in agreement or lockstep with the president (and the nation is much better off that way) are still remaining on our home soil and promising injections of cash into once-defunct sites.

That magic wand of Trump’s is truly amazing. He waved it last week and managed to save American taxpayers millions of dollars…again.

Just today, I was listening to Vancouver talk radio, Charles Adler, who has been bashing the U.S. and President Trump for weeks now. A pro-Trump caller from Minneapolis was asked why he voted for Trump and his answer was, “Because he’s running our country like a business.

Adler was not happy with that answer and completely became unhinged over it, but it just shows that Trump is proving how the government CAN be run like a business and, while it may not turn a profit, it can surely save the taxpayers a lot more money than spending it.

I’m definitely on board for that!

Source: CNBC

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