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WOW! Corporate Giant Just Dumped BILLIONS Into Our Economy – Landmark Win For Trump!

While we might be distracted by admittedly critical events overseas, President Trump is quietly sticking to his campaign promises.

He continues to battle terrorism on all fronts, as he promised. He continues to hammer away at the seemingly impossible healthcare issue, which he vowed to do.

And perhaps above all else, he’s keeping his oath to amp up America’s ailing economy.

What President Trump understands (and liberals apparently don’t), is that capital will flow to places where it’s treated the best.

In other words, when a government establishes tax and regulatory policies that are hostile to business, capital will simply move to jurisdictions where such obstacles to profitability are less severe.

The Obama administration never understood this, and the result was an obscene amount of government regulation. Trump has already taken a huge chunk of it away, thereby saving Americans a whopping $10 billion.

Furthermore, international business now sees an administration that is friendly to industry, so now they want to come back.

President Trump has hung out a welcome sign to industry, and investment is flowing into the U.S., meaning more jobs and more job security for Americans. For example, via Yahoo Finance:

Toyota said Monday it is investing $1.33 billion to retool its sprawling factory in Georgetown, Kentucky, where the company’s flagship Camry sedans are built.

While the firm claims this new investment will not directly increase the number of jobs at that plant, it will certainly provide jobs to those who work in related industries.

And it will give the current workers at that plant confidence that their employer is serious about keeping that plant and their jobs in Kentucky. That’s 8,200 jobs that Trump just guaranteed.


Plus, this is just one investment from one company. In fact, it’s not even the entire investment that Toyota plans in the U.S.

“The updates at the Kentucky plant are part of Toyota’s plans to invest $10 billion in the United States over the next five years, said CEO Jim Lentz of Toyota Motor North America, in a news release.”

This is what happens when you have national leadership that pushes government aside so private businesses can prosper. Investment increases, employment increases, and personal wealth increases.

No wonder a survey of the first-quarter outlook conducted by the National Association of Manufacturers “found that 93.3 percent of manufacturers are somewhat or very positive about their company’s outlook, a record high that’s up from 77.8 percent in December.”

We now have record high optimism by the private industries that create jobs. Yeah, that’s right.

That’s good news, America, and this is your reward for making the right choice last November.

Sources: Yahoo Finance

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