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OH CRAP – Look What Corrupt U.S. Border Agents Have Been Doing To HELP Illegal Aliens

The overwhelming majority of federal government employees voted for Hillary Clinton.

This should give you an idea why President Trump has met some resistance in implementing his policies.

After all, he cannot fire and replace the entire federal workforce (regardless of how much fun that would be).

And there are good and competent people who work in federal government even if they’re often hard to find.

That said, in true Obama fashion, corrupt U.S. Border Control agents have left sections of the border wide-open with no monitoring at all.

This does NOT jive well with the breaking news that the FBI is investigating ISIS terrorist threats in all 50 states right now. Porous borders are not helping this incendiary situation!

Further, this neglect has resulted in a massive flow of unknown persons and cargo into our country…a 40-mile-wide section was basically open to illegals for a full week. Was someone bought off? What the hell happened?

One government official working to secure the border is Brandon Judd, a Border Patrol agent and president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). Judd alleges that this 40-mile section was left open by order of corrupt officials.

“They [Border Patrol managers] started assigning agents to one zone instead of letting them patrol the entire border.

What this did was it left 40 miles just completely open. Which then allows anybody to cross the border without being detected, without being found.


That’s the situation on the ground. Here’s the disturbing allegation made by Mr. Judd to Breitbart News:

“I’ve been in contact with the highest levels of management and they’re looking into it. It’s believed that this is due to corruption.

That management is making the decision to pull agents out of certain zones to allow contraband to come across the border … this is being looked at that that’s what this is about.”

So here are Border Patrol managers deliberating leaving parts of the border open in a continuation of the Obama administration’s policy and in direct violation of the orders of President Trump.

And we thought gross insubordination was grounds for being fired. But is that all this is, or have some of these managers been compromised by compensation from various groups in return for ordering gaps in border surveillance?

We all know Obama essentially protected illegal aliens and now, we have yet another fifth-column left over from Mr. Obama’s tenure.

This one likely needs more than removal. It needs prosecution.

Source: Breitbart

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