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HOLY COW! New Corruption Scandal Rocks VA – Heads Are ROLLING, America!

The VA has been a mess for way too long.

Former president Barack Obama allowed it to languish and rot, mostly because he never really cared that much about this nation’s veterans.

He was far too busy battling the “evil” opponents of political correctness and passing inane laws for the sake of “equality.” You know, really  important stuff that did NOTHING but divide a country.

But President Donald Trump has said from day one that he wholeheartedly supports the U.S. military.

At every opportunity, Trump makes it plain that he loves our men in uniform. Furthermore, he has already taken a massive battleaxe to the broken Veterans Affairs office.

He has once again done just that, as yet another corrupt VA official has bitten the dust.

According to a new Fox News video, the director of the Shreveport, LA VA office has been terminated due to “general misconduct and failure to follow policy.” Toby Matthews was at the center of a LOT of controversy.

Veterans were denied simple things like toothpaste and obviously, that was just the tip of the depressing iceberg.

Our brave troops have been receiving woeful healthcare for years and it’s an embarrassment to the entire country. Trump has been working to fix this problem since he took office, and this is another huge step.

If we can continue to make these strides, we can finally reach a point where our veterans have the proper care. To ignore this gargantuan problem is to spit in the faces of all those who have served.

Perhaps Obama was okay with that. True Patriots are not.

Source: Fox News

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