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One Country Just Executed The Most Ingenious Refugee Plan EVER…America, THIS Is The Answer!

If you say “no” to refugees in Europe, you’re just asking for trouble.

With the United Nations forcing all Euro countries to take in more refugees, the price of saying “no” is getting high.

…but we’re willing to bet Poland is okay with that, as they’ve refused all refugees for the past five years and have had ZERO terrorist attacks in that time.

Still, going against the grain in Europe right now means you’re going to piss off the UN. You have to toe the line.

Well, Austria did just that, as they’ve been taking in a massive amount of refugees that are not willing to work, nor are they willing to try to assimilate.

What to do?

This is the very best part: The Austrian authorities have figured out an INGENIOUS way to stave off the amount of immigrant influx. If only America would take notes!

MAD World News:

The Express reports that on Tuesday, Austrian Parliament approved a series of measures that will make the burqa illegal and force all refugees to learn the German language, complete a year-long course in assimilation, and participate in unpaid charity work if they want refugee status.

Residents who are caught wearing the Islamic veil in public will be slapped with a $165 fine for each offense with additional offenses resulting in harsher reprimands.

The legislation will also force migrants to take German language classes and a 12-month integration course that focuses on the country’s culture and values.

During this time, they will be expected to speak the language of their hosts and adopt the Austrian way of life if they wish to stay.

Furthermore, asylum seekers are now expected to earn their benefits, including welfare and food stamps, by contributing to society.


Migrants will be encouraged to participate in unpaid charity work before they even enter the country, according to RT. If they refuse, they risk losing their benefits and refugee status.

The proposal is meant to inform refugees that they will be expected to earn a living.”

THIS. Right here.

President Donald Trump shouldn’t have to battle illegal aliens every step of the way. American workers shouldn’t be caring for these leeches with their hard-earned tax dollars. Civilians shouldn’t be fearful when walking the streets.

If they want to come here, they will adapt, as every human going to every other country on earth is expected to do. It’s called logic. It’s called courtesy.

This is the solution and it couldn’t possibly be any simpler.

Source:  MAD World News, Express

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