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OH GOD – After Courts BETRAY Trump, America Suffers HISTORIC Invasion Of…

The ability of the Liberals to point in another direction, wait for you to look, and then bolt for the door is a standard diversionary practice nowadays.

They have mastered the talent of giving something a name that means the exact opposite; you know, like when they started calling taxes, “federal revenue”.

“Wow, look, honey! Mandatory Federal Revenue is up this year!”
“That’s great, snookums!”

Leftists discovered a long time ago that if they ever revealed who they really are and what they stand for, it would be a cold day on the sun before they gained power again.

They double-speak and lie and twist; it’s what they do. Even when it’s obvious to the entire world that they’re saying something absolutely ludicrous, they’re so twisted up in their own words, they can’t see it.

Now, they’ve done it again. And apparently, one judge upholding Trump’s decision isn’t enough.

With all the xenophobia “unnecessarily” gripping the nation (because Muslims blowing up Europeans and beheading Christians should be no cause for alarm) they have cleverly changed the names of Muslim Immigrants to Political Refugees.

For, as everyone is well aware, refugees will NEVER hurt even a fly…no, really, just ask Ann Coulter.

Louder With Crowder:

“Remember the Muslim ban that isn’t actually a Muslim ban? Yeah, it’s still being blocked in the courts anyways because Trump or something. That more or less sums up foreign policy this year.

Anyway, while leftist judges have a hissy fit over the travel ban, over 8,000 refugees – nearly three times as many as this time last year – have waltzed on into America…

Trump wants to commit the sin of securing our borders from refugees who want to bring their rapey culture with them. In this case, he wants to do so via travel ban.”

So, to be clear, we must remember that Illegal Aliens are now Undocumented Democrats…I mean, Cop-Killing is now Unrestrained Resistance, Christian- and Jew-Bashing is Freedom of Speech (but Muslim-Bashing is Islamophobia) and Muslim Immigrants are Displaced Political Dissident Refugees!

What do we call the illegal alien rapists that have been running amok? What special politically correct name should THEY have?

And I am no longer an American, but a Privileged White Male. Just to be clear.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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