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4-Year-Old Loses His Dad In Brutal Murder, Then Exactly One Year Later…God Performs A MIRACLE

When loved ones are lost, it’s always difficult for adults to cope.

Children on the other hand typically cope with loss in a different manner. The grief period is reduced and accelerated through the stages.

A year ago, Clarence “Frankie” Rhoden was murdered in his home while his 2-year-old boy was sleeping on the couch. In all, eight family members were killed, leaving only three very young children unharmed.

Clarence’s son made the heartbreaking discovery, telling his mother about it later: “I picked up Daddy’s hand, and it just fell.”

When it comes to fathers and sons, the bond is often too beautiful to break…and when it breaks, and the world makes less sense.

But then God sometimes steps in…

Independent Journal Review:

“Brentley told Robinson he could see his father, and asked her if she could see him, too:

‘He was so excited. He was saying ‘He’s right there. He’s right there. He’s right there. He’s right there on that star.’

On the one-year anniversary of the massacre, Brentley told his mom that his dad was following them in the sky.

Robinson made sure to give Brently some time with his father in the spot he saw him. She pulled the car over and watched as the boy talked to his father for 10 minutes.

Robinson had seen her son talking to his dad before – they spend a lot of time visiting his grave.  Robinson said she is usually quiet during those visits, bonding with his father in other ways:

‘He will lay on his grave, just lay on it.  And sometimes he will bring out his cars and play derby.’

She said he four-year-old knows exactly where his father is.

Brentley tells people his daddy is:

[W]orking on derby cars in heaven with Jesus.

It’s a heartwarming, but heartbreaking story all at the same and anyone who reads this and is unmoved should see a doctor.

This family was permanently broken and so far, no one has been able to help them identify the murderers.

The suspects or motive are still undiscovered in this case and police are continuing the search for information regarding the murder.

But at least there are silver linings to find…

Sources:  Independent Journal Review, WLXT

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