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Furious Dad Has 1 BRUTAL Message For All Radical Muslims – And It Takes The Internet By STORM!

After the Manchester bombing tragedy, many saw it as a sign:

ALL countries need to bring the battle to ISIS, the terrorists that orchestrated the mass murder of 29 innocents last week.

Parents especially are infuriated after the horrific event, as there were children who died in that attack. They too refuse to be silent, which is perfectly understandable.

Of course, liberal politicians in the U.K. are scrambling to ensure that they condemn the attack, but not too sternly, because they don’t want to upset the real victims here: those of the Islam faith.

Certain clueless celebrities have adopted the same head-in-the-sand mentality as well.

But Steve Dent, father of two, lives and works in Manchester is having none of it.

He’s sick and tired of the victimization of the jihadists and so, he made up his own, body-sized, wearable sandwich board with a very clear message. And it’s PERFECT.

MAD World News:

As a devoted father who worries for his children’s future, Radcliffe resident Steve Dent decided he must do something to oppose the growing support for violent jihad in the UK’s Muslim community.

Knowing that his mere words could land him in jail for ‘incitement of hatred,’ Dent refused to remain silent.

So, the indignant dad made up a body-sized placard with a powerful message to both the government and Muslim community and began the 9-mile trek to Manchester Arena.


The Sun reports that in what’s no less than a one-man protest, Dent’s sign calls on the British Parliament to immediately deport all migrants and asylum seekers who voice a support for the Islamic State.

As for legal citizens who back the Islamic group, Dent reiterated that they should be arrested.”

The sign that Dent carried was then placed on a fence near the terror site, but was removed almost as immediately after it was placed.

Tolerance for brutal violence is acceptable but there is zero tolerance for some writing on a board.

After all, political correctness is far more important than freedom of speech in the world today. Right?

Source:  MAD World News

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