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Dad Borrows Mom’s Phone…Then He Sees 1 App And INSTANTLY Calls The Police

Some stories are easier to write about than others…this one is particularly difficult.

While the story has a good ending, or at least as good as such a story can have, it illustrates the depravity lurking in some people.

And sadly, that inexplicable sickness can affect innocent children.

It’s different when drug-addled individuals endanger kids; that’s certainly not acceptable, either, but things get a LOT darker when the aforementioned depravity exists.

In this case, fortunately a father discovered a clue on his ex-wife’s phone, which led authorities to discover the unspeakable evil she was committing against their infant daughter and was sharing with her online boyfriend.

This fortuitous discovery might well have saved the child’s life.

Via Independent Journal Review:

“As News 9 reports, the father from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was at the home of Jerrica Lackey, his ex-wife, to pick up their 1-year-old daughter.

When the dad borrowed Lackey’s phone, he saw she had the Kik app installed and became suspicious. He knew the messaging app has been associated with the exploitation of children.

But he was still unprepared for what he saw when he opened the app.

There, he found evidence that his ex-wife was sending nude photos and videos of their daughter to her boyfriend in Florida.

Even worse, it was clear that Lackey was molesting the baby.

What do you do with something like that? In this case, the father turned his ex-wife and the evidence over to the police.

“The dad immediately contacted police, who investigated and arrested Lackey. Casey Roebuck of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office told KJRH News:

‘I know initially when we got the call we’re like that can’t be. I mean that’s hard to even comprehend that a mother would do something like that to a child.'”

Lackey was charged with five counts of sexual abuse of a child under 12, and her boyfriend is being pursued by the FBI since the crime crossed state lines.

As twisted as these offenses are, fortunately the dad discovered the crime before the child would have possibly lost her life.

He now has custody of the child, and his ex-wife and her boyfriend, if convicted, are headed for long prison terms.

The ultimate safety of the child and the punishment of the perpetrators are the only good news here, but sometimes you have to be happy with silver linings.

If you’d like to feel better, check out this adorable story…we promise you’ll smile.

Source: Independent Journal Review, News 9

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