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Despicable: Democrat Congresswoman SHOCKS America, Says The Berkeley Riots Were…

Riots are beautiful sights?

Horrifying violence that results in hospitalized individuals, $100K in property damage, and FBI investigations are “beautiful?”

Well, perhaps to Che Guevara they are.

But, normally, sane people generally regard riots as, I don’t know…offensive, morally depraved, unlawful, ridiculously violent, unnecessary, and above all else, stupid.

When I say, “sane” people, I am referring to people who don’t regularly heap praise on rioters. I’m not talking about those who lose their minds and shriek at the police like a unbalanced lunatics.

Now, peaceful unlawful protests, where the protesters are carried off by police because they have lain down in the roadway and refuse to get up and leave; okay, that’s not really offensive. It’s just annoying.

However, what happened at Berkeley last week is something else entirely.

But a Florida Representative in the 10th District, Valdez Deming, has just cemented her place among Democrat politicians who have the famous foot-in-mouth disease (there appears to be a recent epidemic of such a sickness).

Deming, who also served as the Chief of Police in Orlando in 2007 (the first woman to hold that post) appears to be quite taken with these rioters.

Louder With Crowder:

“’We have seen demonstrations–and I think you already talked about that–around the country. Young people at Berkeley protesting against this unconstitutional order.

We encourage our young people to get involved–I thought it was a beautiful sight.’

You almost want to believe the Congresswoman got some protests confused. Maybe there was another protest happening in Berkeley. Only it didn’t get as much press coverage.”

I really want to give Mrs. Demings the benefit of the doubt. I do.

I hope to God that she, as a former police chief and a current Representative of the US government, is not stupid enough to believe that the despicable Berkeley fiasco was a bunch of flowers-in-their-hair activists, throwing rainbows and butterflies at people, and singing a good Youngbloods tune.

As a young lady growing up, she had the misfortune of attending segregated schools (thanks to the Democrat Party and its staunch support of racist ideology).

Had it not been for the brave men and women of the Republican Party, she may never have known fairness in the job market and would probably never have seen employment in law enforcement, especially when one considers that she had grown up in a southern state.

It is, therefore, mind-boggling for a Black woman to have come so far and broken so many barriers, to look at a bunch of privileged mostly White students causing chaos and wanton destruction and call it, “a beautiful sight”.

Was it also “beautiful” to hear Black Lives Matter supporters shriek disgustingly racist and violent things during a rally?

I would simply reiterate that the Party of the Jackass and the GOP have VERY different definitions of what encompasses “beautiful”.

And I can definitively say that riots and general violence are not one of them.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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