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Shocking Democrat Conspiracy Exposed…Queen Hillary Was The Ringleader!

Liberals keep whining about how Donald Trump isn’t a “legitimate” president.

All we hear are choruses of, “He’s not MY president!” from left-wing anti-American fools who are determined to act like petulant children. But have they ever considered that the Democrats’ thug tactics and massive corruption led to something awfully illegitimate on their part?

Why do we ask? Because if you look up “illegitimate” in the Conservative Dictionary and there’s a picture of Hillary in there!

If ever there was an argument against using illegitimate candidates, it would be the Democrat Party’s “Premature Coronation Planning Committee’s” push (more like shove) to crown Queen Hillary, while handing over the jester’s jingle-hat to poor Bernie Sanders (you can just picture him performing with a monkey in Her Highness’ Royal Court, can’t you?)

And this is all besides the fact that the FBI recently admitted Clinton absolutely positively broke the law.

Breitbart has elaborated on the illegitimate theme by compiling a list of 6 reasons why Hillary was the ultimate in terrible candidates.

1. The Democrats’ Rigged Primary
2. The Democrats’ Superdelegate System
3. The Democrat Money Machine
4. The Media Was Part of Clinton’s Campaign
5. The Law Was Bent & Broken to Keep Clinton in the Game
6. Democrats Try to Hack the Electorate

To be honest, they’re all very good reasons why Hillary is and was illegitimate as the candidate of the Democrats. For the voters to be so upset that she didn’t win is a mystery; she was a corrupt, dishonest, unhealthy liar!

The reasons above are elaborated on with large descriptions to shore up their arguments. Here are a few of the better snippets:

Her rival Bernie Sanders never had a chance. The ‘nomination’ contest was theater designed to make Sanders voters accept Clinton. His voters ought to be furious at Sanders for playing along with this farce, which he most certainly did.

One of those shrieking claims came from Donna Brazile, who was directly involved in doctoring a primary debate by leaking questions to Clinton, not to Sanders.

It [superdelegate system] is a political instrument specifically designed to shut down insurgencies and make the interests of Democrat voters secondary to the judgment of party elites, and the powerful lobbyists who manipulate them.

Their financial kneecapping allowed Clinton to suck up hundreds of millions in campaign cash, sometimes in legally questionable ways, even as she railed against the influence of money in politics.

It’s fun to watch Democrats wail about Russian spies using WikiLeaks to influence the election, when it’s clear the mainstream media was able to downplay the actual contents of those emails enough to keep most voters in the dark.

The politicized Obama Justice Department did Democrats no favors by staving off indictments that would have taken Clinton out of the game, or by slow-walking the email investigation until her replacement became prohibitively difficult.

One of the reasons Democrats subjected the Electoral College to one of their post-election tantrums is that the EC makes it harder for them to hack the presidential vote with mass immigration. That’s the true significance of the observation that Clinton’s popular-vote ‘victory’ came entirely from California.”

There could be one addition to the list above to complete it neatly. That is #7 Hillary’s Use of Union Thugs, Paid Homeless, & Random Passers-By to Disrupt and Incite Violence at Trump Rallies.


Democrat Donations well-spent, huh, Hillary?

Source: Breitbart

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