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Fed Up Democrat Turns On Nancy Pelosi And Drops 2 Savage Words

What we already know, and what some Democrats are starting to figure out, is that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is a terrific asset to the Republicans.

Seriously, she’s the best thing to have happened to Conservatives since Ronald Reagan.

She is utterly out-of-touch and while it would be practically impossible for her to reach Hillary’s level of corruption, she otherwise represents much of what contributed to Hillary’s stunning loss.

It must be admitted that Pelosi is also good entertainment as we watch the egomaniac ramble on nonsensically.

She periodically blunders into the truth, but she babbles nonsense far too often. Republicans can only hope she continues to get as much airtime as possible.

Now, one lifelong Democrat has chosen to tell the truth about Pelosi, calling her “totally clueless.” Those might be two of the most perfectly brutal words EVER uttered by a liberal.

Bryan Dean Wright is quite willing to call out Pelosi and at least one other powerful Democrat for being nothing more than liabilities.

Via Independent Journal Review:

A lifelong Democrat is calling Nancy Pelosi ‘totally clueless’ and in part responsible for the Democratic Party being ‘out of touch.’

“‘Clearly, something isn’t working,’ said Bryan Dean Wright, in an interview with Fox News’s Steve Doocy.

‘Something isn’t meshing with what the American people want and what the Democratic Party is giving. And the fact that she can’t see that, I think, is deeply troubling.’

Wright blasted ‘career politicians’ such as Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for ‘repackaging all Hillary Clinton’s old proposals’ after she lost the election, stating that her method of trying to connect with American interests was just not working.”

Mr. Wright, of course, is correct.

What he actually believes the Democratic Party’s agenda should be is not revealed in this interview. However, he clearly thinks Pelosi needs to go, as he explained in a Fox News op-ed:

“Wright said for the Democratic Party to persevere, Pelosi must step down as a leader. But she won’t.

‘If the whole enterprise smacks of ego, it should,’ he wrote.


‘Pelosi knows that Americans want new leadership and a functional national government. She knows that this requires her to step aside for the good of the party and country.

However she’s made it clear that she’s not going anywhere.'”

Once again, Wright is correct. In fact, if she had the best interests of her party as her first priority she would have stepped down from a leadership role when Democrats lost control of the House.

Yet, her ego and lust for power is more important to her than the Democratic Party.

She has no plans to step down. And really, that is excellent news for the Republicans.

…sorry, Mr. Wright.

Source: Fox NewsIndependent Journal Review

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