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Democrat Caught On Tape Saying, ‘I Wish Steve Scalise Was Dead’ – Now His Career Is Over

Here we have more hypocrisy on the Left as they continue to suffer from Open-Mouth-and-Insert-Both-Feet syndrome.

About the only Republicans with this syndrome lately are Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain, the latter on nearly a daily basis.

As for the Democrats, after Nebraska Democratic Black Caucus Chairwoman Chelsey Gentry-Tipton was asked to resign last week after a nasty Steve Scalise Facebook post, you’d think they’d learn their lesson.

But liberals aren’t big fans of history. They not only never learn from their mistakes, they keep making the same terrible mistakes, over and over and over.

The result? Endless hypocrisy and a country that is simply tired of a counterproductive and ultimately failed regime.

Fox News:

“A Nebraska Democratic Party official was removed from his post on Thursday after an audio recording surfaced of him saying he’s ‘glad’ House Majority Whip Steve Scalise got shot last week.

Phil Montag, now-former co-chair of the state party’s technology committee, was recorded saying he wishes Scalise, R-La., were ‘dead.’

His whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to [expletive] kick people off [expletive] health care. I’m glad he got shot,’ Montag said in the audio recording.

‘I wish he was [expletive] dead.

The audio was posted on YouTube. Nebraska Democratic Chairwoman Jane Kleeb confirmed to FOX 42 that the voice on the audio recording was, in fact, Montag’s.

‘We obviously condemn any kind of violence whether it’s comments on Facebook or comments in a meeting,’ Kleeb said.

‘Our country is better than the political rhetoric that is out there from both the far right and the far left.’”

Montag tried to backpedal and say he never called for Scalise’s death but it wasn’t going to fly. Not when your filth was captured on undeniable audio.

Between celebrities and their insane comments and antics, like Kathy Griffin, Jim Carrey, and Johnny Depp, and people like Montag and Gentry-Tipton, there’s no end to the Left’s stupidity and lack of civility.

This week, Nancy Pelosi decided to call Republicans and the President heartless and mean.

I think it’s well past time for her and other loudmouthed Democrats to look in the mirror, because the only heartless and nasty people these days are the Leftists in charge of the Democratic Party.

Source:  Fox News

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