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Exposed: Democratic Party Implodes, Nears Total Collapse…Here’s What Destroyed It

With Trump’s victory comes the enormous responsibility of ending the vicious racism.

A plurality of the American people have coalesced around a central idea in the Republican Party and, on November 8th, elected the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The new president is already making positive waves, and that includes one fantastic pledge to our men in uniform.

Particularly key to this victory was garnering not only Republican votes, but also demonstrating an ability to speak to the millions of disenfranchised Democrat voters who, according to reputable polls, were under the impression that they were forgotten or abandoned by their party.

A glaring reason for this feeling of abandonment was due in great part to a dismally stagnated economy where a massive number of American jobs had been shipped overseas. Other corporations, like Disney, were merely shipping in new workers from abroad while forcing Americans to train their replacements. Still other jobs in the resource industries, like coal, steel, and gas, had simply disappeared due to over-regulation by an even more over-zealous government.

Due to many significant factors, Americans finally decided that they had had enough of business as usual and voted for a drastic change. The country was headed, in their opinion, in the “wrong direction.”

The majority of polling companies across the nation got this election dead wrong in an almost upside-down way: Polls showed Clinton running away with this contest in a near-landslide victory (recent polls have been exposed to be equally misleading).

Those earlier polls also demonstrated opinion after opinion that if we did not do “A”, “B” and “C” to improve our vote-ready status among the monolithic and much-revered Independents, we might as well hang it up and not vote at all.

In fact, we were told that we had best get it right when it came to “undocumented residents” or we would awaken the anger of a vocal and politically motivated group of Hispanics who (as the Independents) vote monolithically as well.

In line with that thinking, women were liable to completely repudiate the Republican ideology because of Trump’s misogyny; therefore (again) we had better listen to the all-knowing, all-seeing pollsters who were out in force on Main Street in every town, borough, and village all across this great nation seeking to put out the “truth” in order to help the hapless Republicans who didn’t appear to be on the right side of any issue.

To be frank, according to pollsters and the Democrat Party, the Right was on the wrong side of every issue.

Racism played a major role in this decision by Americans to elect a Republican…so went the continuing narrative. The “whitelash” of this election was such that it represented a political first in the United States: that whites were so racist against a black president that they arrived at the polls in record numbers to display their prejudice.

Putting aside the fact that blacks arrived at the polls in record numbers to vote for the first black president in 2008 and 2012 for a moment, since when did the right to vote for whites become prejudice?

Regardless of your political bent, the election is over and the People have spoken. Now that Donald Trump has become President, it is also time for some deep (and painful) soul-searching. The time has arrived when the Democrat Party must embrace the sum-total of its existence and end their Age of Racism.

It will be a long and regretful experience, but cathartic nonetheless.

While there are a myriad of reasons why the Left has descended into the pit of despair over these election results, and while there are many statistics and numbers to pore over regarding the loss of the presidency, the Congress, governorships, statehouses, and (unfortunately for the Progressives) mainstream media influence, it is incumbent upon Democrat Party leaders to bow to the will of the People and admit their failings.

Racism in the Democrat Party has come full circle for them and they need to acknowledge its evil and recognize its uselessness. From the dark age of its period of support for slavery, the Ku Klux Klan and segregation, the Democrats have a unique opportunity here to reinvigorate their base, come clean on their terrible past of racist actions, and submit themselves to the People for judgment and absolution.

This commentary is an attempt to help the party of Robert Byrd. It is an attempt to assist the Democrats in striking a balance between their extremist core beliefs and what is right.

Will the Democrat Party end its racist points of view in light of this election, despite its openness to continue the strife and division between races? Will they finally try to compromise with the Republican Party and the People of this country and stop this downward spiral into the depths of prejudice and unfair judgment of people based on skin color?

Martin Luther King, Jr., in August of 1963, famously said: I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Like MLK, the People of this nation fully expect a moment of reflection and a lifetime of contrition from those who have severely harmed this nation’s reputation of exceptionalism, acceptance, and charity.

It is time for the Democrat Party to sincerely and humbly apologize to its People for their horrible treatment and for the way they have destroyed the confidence in our government. It is time for the Democrat Party to put aside their petty differences, reach across the aisle and compromise with those who do not agree with them. Democrats have lost three of the four last elections in 2010, 2012, 2014 and now.

It is time for them to make concessions and admit their losses.

My hope for this country is that, one day, Liberals the world over will come to realize the folly of their hatred for those who are different, for those who are offended by their awful disregard for the rights of others or the rights of the unborn, for those who believe that laws are meant to maintain a semblance of protection against tyranny, for those who believe that harming others through terror and intimidation should be halted permanently, for those who believe that bullying due to a difference of opinion is just as harmful as physical abuse, for those who believe that women who stand up for the right to stay at home and raise children, or to protect themselves with a registered weapon, matter just as much as anyone else, or for those who do not go out into the streets and destroy property, but protest in peaceful and more civilized ways, are just as much to be honored.

And finally, for those who are proud to be African-American and Conservative, who want more than anything to be considered as equals and not the brunt of derisive jokes or name-calling.

The Democrat Party needs to make reparations for its despicable racist past so that we may all move forward and look to a brighter future where blacks are not treated like third-class citizens simply because it is politically expedient (are you listening, Hillary).

Democrats need to work with the Party of Lincoln to fix broken inner city schools, their broken employment, and the untold numbers of broken promises made over long decades to people of color that “things will get better.”

Follow the lead of the Republican Party who are about to turn this terrible economy around for everyone. Things will only get better when the Democrat Party gives up on racism and color and simply begins focusing on the American people.

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