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Shocking: Democrats Vote To Abandon Hillary…Her Future Is Ruined!

DISCLAIMER: Do not let the headline of the source below fool you. This is not an anti-Democrat article. It is an article designed to make you as a Trump supporter feel dismayed, let down, depressed and hopeless (basically, you’re meant to feel like a modern day Liberal).

Politico is up to its old tricks again as it expertly crafts a poll to help shore up its Liberal base. There is some bad news out there for Democrats in the write-up, but by and large, this article is a total repudiation of the Trump presidency and its supporters.

Interestingly, the headline appears to have been aimed directly at Republicans and Conservatives as bait for the trap. If you bite on the juicy tidbit, you’re assaulted with the news that Donald Trump is more unpopular than ever with…everyone! And just to be clear, he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Most people who voted for him don’t even believe he’ll be effective!

But the important facts are as follows:

Trump Hillary

A majority of Democratic and independent voters made clear that they don’t foresee Hillary Clinton in their 2020 vision of the presidential election, according to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released Wednesday.

Sixty-two percent of Democrats and independents surveyed said the twice-failed presidential candidate shouldn’t mount another campaign in 2020, and only 23 percent would be excited by her campaign if she did.

So, no Clinton. Despite rumors that she might run again in 2020, it seems it’d be fruitless. It’s more likely we’ll see someone like Sanders or Biden and in fact, each of these guys earned 44 and 43 percent of the poll vote respectively.


Of course, they can’t help but point out the focus on Trump’s poll numbers.

I’m not sure what’s more comical: the information contained in the poll, or the matter-of-fact serious tone of the reporter. This is the sort of tripe that the mainstream State-controlled media has stooped to in order to attempt relevancy.

I must admit, I feel massively embarrassed for Politico and its editors. You spend enough time “in the tank” for Obama and you start to smell like dead fish.

Source: Politico

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