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Breaking: Democrats Unleash DESPERATE Attack On President Trump…This Is Just Pathetic!

Democrats just don’t know when they’re beaten.

They’ve been trying to stop President Donald Trump at every turn, and that includes plans to filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court pick (and said filibuster didn’t work, either).

But as Rush Limbaugh says, if you placed a pile of crap in front of a Democrat, he’d step right into it.

And they KEEP stepping into it, over and over.

How many times can we catch them rigging polls, tampering with the voting process, and in general acting more like a subversive radical cult rather than a political party?

Democrats will indeed move fast when they want more subversion, that’s for damn sure.

Seriously, Trump has the fewest number of cabinet nominees confirmed at this point in his presidency since the life and times of George Washington, various media outlets have reported. But it’s not because Democrats are snails.

It’s because they’re radical partisans.

For instance, there’s this, from The Washington Post:

“In an escalation of Democratic efforts to highlight questions about President Trump’s potential conflicts of interest and alleged ties to Russia, a senior House Democrat is dusting off a little-used legislative tool to force a committee debate or floor vote on the issue. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) filed a ‘resolution of inquiry’ Thursday, a relatively obscure parliamentary tactic used to force presidents and executive-branch agencies to share records with Congress.”

Isn’t that amazing?

Democrats can speed right through a resolution when it benefits their side, and they can also dig up something so obscure, so little used, one gets an image of scores of staffers and legislative aides poring through the dark dankness of forgotten libraries, wearing paper face masks to keep out the dust and mold, as they frantically search one stack after another for the proper rule book.

Really, Nadler? You couldn’t put your energy, not to mention your TAX-PAID resources, to better use?

This is a big reason why Trump won, you know. The average American, regardless of political affiliation, has little patience for entrenched partisanship that refused to put constituents before agenda.

And that’s exactly what Nadler’s doing with the tactic. He’s not trying to save the American people from any degree of danger of ethical problems that could crop due to Trump’s business ties.

No, he’s trying to slow-go Trump from enacting his own promised agenda, an agenda that includes a make America great again message that tightens borders, reels in regulation and fosters business growth.

Nadler, apparently, has bigger designs in mind – ones that will win him big points with his Democrats pals in Congress and fundraising bigwigs on the PAC circuit.

Source: The Washington Post

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