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PATHETIC: Democrats Caught In Another SHOCKING Lie…You Won't Believe This!

My, how the left possesses a power of delusion.

After suffering years of an Obama administration’s lagging economy and after years of hopelessness on the job front, the current White House has the gall to come out and publicly say something that’s so ludicrous, so ridiculous, one would have to be an ostrich with head in sand to believe it.

And it’s not just the Obama White House that’s trying to sell the big lie – it’s the left-leaning media as well.

Read this, snagged by Breitbart:

“With President Obama, Democrats and their media fellow travelers having failed to win the hearts and minds of voters, they are now trying to build a legacy on the big lie: ‘The president is handing his successor an economy that’s now the envy of the world.'”

The Obama administration, in fact, continues to say the fact its unemployment rate, which has fallen from 10 percent, is its greatest legacy.

Barack Obama

“Jason Furman, chairman of Obama Administration’s Council of Economic Advisers, told CNBC on December 2, ‘I didn’t think I’d ever see the unemployment rate that low,’ after the Labor Department reported that the November unemployment rate fell to 4.6 percent,” Breitbart reported.

But the numbers are being spun.

Don’t forget: Masses in America stopped looking for work because under Obama, there just wasn’t any work to be found.

As Breitbart notes:

“More than half of that supposed decline during the Obama administration was due to the equivalent of about 7.5 million Americans giving up looking for a job or dropping out of the labor force. Furthermore, the current level of part-time employment, at 18.3 percent (about 27.8 million), is a higher percentage than at any time since the Great Depression.”

Yes, Obama, the economy will be your legacy – just probably not in the way you intended.

Source: Breitbart

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