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Breaking: Democrats Unleash SICK Plan To Stop Trump…It’s An All-Out WAR!

It wasn’t hard to see this coming.

Democrats and their underhanded, straight-up thug-like techniques never cease to amaze. Remember when they were caught essentially rigging polls and skewing collected evidence?

Oh, that’s nothing. They’ve done far worse in recent months, and that includes a well-documented “last-second assault” on soon-to-be President Donald Trump and his team.

They have zero qualms about declaring all-out war, even when it’s FAR from ethical and sometimes borderline criminal.

Now, President Trump has been promising to nominate a Supreme Court justice to fill deceased Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat in the vein of a constructionist jurist, and that decision is just around the corner.

The Trump administration wants someone who strictly follows the rules, who applies them in a black-and-white manner. That’s what Scalia did and that’s who Trump said he was using as the standard of the justice to replace him.

But did you think Democrats would simply sit back and vote quietly on Trump’s pick?

Of course not.

Trump is due to announce his nominee Tuesday at 8 p.m. And Democrats, probably about 8:01 p.m. that same evening, will be ready to spring into opposition action.

Democrats have already pledged to filibuster any Supreme Court nominee, regardless of who the individual is, The Political Insider reported.

But wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Democrats were howling how Republicans outright refused to work with Barack Obama, who was then finishing up the final stages of his own presidency?

Why yes, yes, it was.

But when the shoe is on the other foot, the same rules don’t apply.

Thing is, Democrats are vowing to block Trump’s nominee before they even know who he – or she, right? – is. That’s a bit odd, wouldn’t you say?

After all, it would seem customary to wait for the object of opposition to actually appear on the horizon before one kicks off an opposition movement. Another way to look at it is this: How can Democrats already vow a protest when they don’t even know yet who they’re protesting?

It’d be pretty funny if Trump, just for spite, nominated a left-leaning jurist, someone in the vein of Sandra Day O’Connor. Could you imagine the sputter and splutter from the left then, after they realized their Twitter vows and media promises to filibuster any candidate Trump names were coming back to bite them in the butts?

Then Trump, once he exposed their sad and pitiful political partisanship, could yank the name of the Democrat and bring forth a Scalia-like nominee, shouting a triumphant “A-HA” on Twitter, as he pointed out their hypocrisy and rabid leftist leanings.

That’d be GRAND. Like when Trump and Co. fired back after Democrats went to war with Trump’s cabinet picks.

That won’t happen, of course. But it’d give a little light-hearted moment to what’s probably going to become a weeks-long, drawn out vicious confirmation process that, in the end, will see Trump’s nominee confirmed by the Republican majority in the Senate, anyway.

Democrats lose again, either way.

Source: Political Insider

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