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Exposed: Democrats Reveal INSANE Plot To Impeach Trump…America Is Erupting!


This is ridiculous, even for Democrats.

I mean, it’s one thing to attempt to filibuster President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick (which failed, of course). Nobody was really surprised when the left tried to stop it.

But obviously, Democrat nastiness knows no bounds. If they demand to see the First Lady’s immigration papers, they’re capable of saying any stupid thing to insult Trump, his family, and his administration.

Still, can the left really have such immense hatred for a man who’s barely even been in office a couple weeks? So much hatred that they have to resort to flat-out insanity to try and take him down and boot him from office?

Well, remember this?

But wait, listen up…this one tops ’em all. Read this and then tell me if this isn’t the most God-awful, ridiculous, silly, insane plan you’ve heard from a politician.

“Democrats have let it leak how they are planning to attack President Donald Trump with impeachment charges—have him declared mentally ill,” The Political Insider reported (via Breitbart).

Yes. That is indeed the new plan.

Move over Russia hack; the Democrats no longer see blaming Trump’s win and Hillary Clinton’s loss on the Kremlin as a viable solution to all this Republicans Took Control of the White House nonsense that’s been going on for, hey now, two weeks now.

It’s time to get a plan – a real plan. A plan that works.

Is that the thought process of the Dems? Truly?

“According to Breitbart, there has been a quiet trend emerging in which news organizations and TV pundits are associating Pres. Trump’s name with mental illness. No doubt, these leeches are trying to de-legitimatize him and prime people for the serious accusations,” The Political Insider reported.

Well, guess what’ll be next then – forced mental evaluations for all the basketful of deplorables who elected Trump to the White House in the first place.

But really, this is beyond Twilight Zone material.

Kellyanne Conway is absolutely right when she calls Democrats a bunch of whining babies but worse than that, they all appear to be NUTS.

What we have here is a failure of Democrats to touch down in reality, accept the fact that Trump has been elected, recognize that he’s actually going to go ahead with the agenda he campaigned on, and – this is key – move on.

Yes, move on and go about the business for which they were elected, the one where constituents pay good tax dollars to get their interests represented on Capitol Hill.

Democrats, apparently, are too busy to perform those constitutional duties, though. They have a president to afflict with psych evals, and hopefully, with any luck, a court order from a like-minded leftist judge who will order incarceration and shock therapy.

Sigh. Well, buck up, Republicans. Nobody said this was going to be easy.

Source: The Political Insider, Breitbart

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