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Democrats Just Got Scorched…This Brutal Message Has Liberals Crying! [WATCH]

Juan Williams, ever the pundit who tries to position himself as middle-of-the-road – but whose left-leaning politics always rear to burst that sensible bubble – has now offered up a new assessment of those in the Democratic camp that should serve as a warning.

But it won’t. Mostly because Democrats aren’t in the lesson-learning mood right now, having too many election wounds that apparently still need tending.

But back to Williams: On a recent Fox News interview, the former NPR guy said Democrats should tread carefully in their wild reaction to Donald Trump’s White House win.

“[They] run the risk of looking like hypocrites,” he said, Breitbart reported.

The easy quip is, oh no, Juan, that ship has long ago sailed.

But first, more from Williams:

“There’s no question Democrats run the risk of looking like hypocrites given what happened at that expertly moderated debate in October. But in fairness, you know, at the time what was on the table was the idea of voter fraud, and it was being pushed by Republicans and Trump.”

Williams then brought up the left’s favorite election push-back game: the Russians Did It. And he said the media’s gone into overdrive to report on all the ins and outs of how the Russians may or may not have tilted the outcome into Trump’s camp.

His big conclusion?

He drew in the Founding Fathers, something the left rarely mentions, except in cases of real political emergency.

“So,” Williams said, Breitbart reported, “when we come to the electoral college now, you got to remember the Founding Fathers — I just finished a book about the Founding Fathers. They did not design the electoral college to be a rubber stamp. To the contrary, they think the electors should have the capacity to exercise some discretion. … [I]t’s not the case to say it de-legitimizes Donald Trump for people to ask questions.”

Except, of course, when the questions come from all left-leaning camps in rapid-fire fashion, with intent to de-legitimize Trump’s presidency.

Source: Breitbart

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