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Democrats Are Back With A New Slogan, And It’s So Bad Even Liberals Are Laughing

The Democratic National Party is in dire straits.

It has been ever since Donald Trump walked into the White House and honestly, things have only gotten worse for the ranting Leftists who’ve managed to bury a country in less than a decade.

They’re losing funding and supporters and every week, another Democrat steps in another big pile of crap. The funny part is they keep doing it, over and over.

One wonders if the Party will even survive because they’re so overloaded with absolute nutjobs, and so plagued with incompetence, that the Party of the Jackass appears to be on its deathbed.

They obviously need to revamp and retool and perhaps part of that overhaul is a new slogan. Yes, a brand new slogan to remind the nation’s Democrats that in fact, the DNC is alive and well.

…but this probably isn’t the slogan liberals were hoping for.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats want to prove they’re “the party on the side of working people” (comical, but whatever) and as such, they’ve got a message for you, via Fox News:

As Democrats tried to rebrand as the party offering “a better deal” for voters, Republicans panned the effort as little more than “recycled” talking points. 

Their new slogan — formally titled ‘A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future’ — also has faced criticism from Democratic speechwriters.

Oh now, that’s just sad.

The Queen of Foot-In-Mouth Disease, Nancy Pelosi, chimed in by saying “the strength of the middle class is the financial stability of the working family.”

She added that “bigger paychecks” are essential to that, which makes zero sense as bigger paychecks means they won’t be middle class anymore, and instantly turn into rich people…the enemy of all liberals.

Gotta love the hypocrisy.

Anyway, that awful slogan has met with all sorts of criticism; here’s what Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s reaction:

After losing to Republicans at the ballot box year-after-year, this is the best they have to offer?


Today’s recycled Democrat talking points do nothing to change the fact that the far-left has taken hold of the Party and continues to push a message of more resistance and obstruction.

Nothing ever changes for the Democrats, in point of fact.

They’ve been pushing the exact same insane rhetoric for years and though it hasn’t worked at ALL, they continue to jam it down everyone’s throats. And why?

Because they haven’t figured out a way to allow every American to be a lazy, worthless leech and still have the country function. They haven’t managed to give everyone the world on a silver platter for doing nothing.

And they never will. The new slogan only proves that they’re completely out of ideas and really, it sounds more like a death knell than a rallying cry.

Source: Fox News

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