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BOOM: Democrats Annihilated By GARGANTUAN Truth Bomb…Liberals Are Furious!

Leftist politics leave a lot to be desired when it comes to actually standing up for minorities.

Case in point: How many young people in this country even know that the Ku Klux Klan was begun by the Democrat Party, or that the Civil Rights Act in the Sixties was opposed, by and large, by the Democrats, or that Democrats have stood against reformation of the inner cities since the Civil War?

How many even know that many of those Whites who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., were Republicans? Anti-segregationists were the Republicans! Even adults in this day and age are unaware that the Party of Lincoln is the Republican Party!

And now, one individual who many would see as a fierce liberal has just attacked Rep. John Lewis for calling Donald Trump an “illegitimate” president.

That’s right: Former Black Panther, Clarence Mason Weaver, has pronounced the Democrat Party the “party of racists”!

Allen B. West:

“In response to Lewis calling Trump an ‘illegitimate President’ (a charge he once levied against George W. Bush too), he referred to Lewis as an illegitimate Congressman.

‘He has done nothing,’ the former Black Panther told Carlson on Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ ‘John Lewis, bless his heart — it took courage to do what he did in his early life. What he has done now, he has turned himself to his enemy.

He has joined the enemy.’”

Mr. Weaver’s remarks were even more brutal as he recounted the many crimes of the Democrat Party in reference to the way they treated Blacks in the Fifties and Sixties.

From Democrat Governor of Alabama, George Wallace, who once intoned “Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever” and famously blocked two Black students from entering the all-White school, to the inaction and dysfunctional abilities of Democrats the nation over who appear unable or unwilling (or both) to fix inner city poverty, crime, family crises, and rampant drug and alcohol abuse, the Party of the Jackass appears to have begun to unravel at its base.

Ignorance of this party’s ineptitudes is no longer an excuse to vote Democrat.

“Weaver is absolutely correct when he claims that liberal policies have been destructive to the black community. Or, as he memorably put it “everything they control is a ghetto hellhole.”

One need look no further than poverty rates in a whole list of cities that have disproportionate populations:

Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn’t elected
a Republican mayor since 1961;
Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected one since 1954;
Cincinnati, OH (3rd)… since 1984;
Cleveland, OH (4th)… since 1989;
Miami, FL (5th) has never had a Republican Mayor;
St. Louis, MO (6th)…. since 1949;
El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican Mayor;
Milwaukee, WI (8th)… since 1908;
Philadelphia, PA (9th)… since 1952;
Newark, NJ (10th)… since 1907.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day and it only seems appropriate to quote one of the most famous speeches of the civil rights era:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Amen, Reverend!

Are you listening, America?

Source: Allen B. West

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