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Dershowitz Lights Up Maxine Waters: ‘Just Because You’re Black Doesn’t Mean You Can…’

Democrats have long-pretended to be the party of the disadvantaged, particularly the poor and minorities.

By pandering to them, promising handouts and to punish those that are more successful than them, they’ve managed to woo this significant voting block.

And to maintain their stranglehold of this block, they’ll go to any lengths necessary. Accusing people of racism and bigotry is of course their favorite tactic.

Slander and libel are major components to the Left’s playbook, as any time conservatives expose liberal hypocrisy, the Left just shouts “Racist!!” to immediately silence the opposition.

At the same time, they maintain the illusion that they’re the white knights in the scenario. All too often, conservatives are tripped up by this tactic, as they’re terrified of being called the “R-word.”

When it’s dropped, they jump to a defensive position and look like fools trying to come up with examples as to why they’re not a racist.

But what they REALLY should do is shrug and pay such accusations no mind, as they’re meaningless.

While not a conservative, there’s one infamous liberal lawyer that’s willing to call his comrades out on their race-baiting insanity from time to time, and his latest targets are the jury selection for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s assault on Trump and the senile Maxine Waters.

As reported at Breitbart, while talking with WABC Radio Host Rita Cosby about the DC grand jury impaneled by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to target Trump, Harvard legal scholar Alan Dershowitz laid bare a shocking truth:

The DC location creates a massive bias against the president.

It gives the prosecutor a tremendous tactical advantage… the case now can be brought not in Northern Virginia, which is a swing area, sometimes Democrat, sometimes Republican…

But the District of Columbia, which is always solidly Democratic and has an ethnic and racial composition that might be very unfavorable to the Trump Administration,” Dershowitz said.

When asked by Cosby if he thinks this geographic move stacks the deck against the President, Dershowitz definitively says “Yes, I do.”

In response to his tame and factual analysis, crackpot Maxine Waters proceeded to do what she does best–accuse him of being a racist.

But rather than be silenced by the accusation, Dershowitz went on Fox News to lay the smack down on Waters, saying that just because she’s black, it doesn’t give her license to call everyone she dislikes a racist.

Look, Maxine Waters should know better and does know better,” Dershowitz said.


She knows that every experienced lawyer, white, black, Asian, Latino, knows that when you’re selecting a jury, factors like ethnicity, race, political affiliation matter.

If I had said that race didn’t matter, she would have called me a racist.

She throws around the term so loosely and so inappropriately, and it weakens her credibility because calling everybody a racist, by calling me a racist when she calls real racists ‘racists,’ nobody is going to believe her.

Would she have called Johnnie Cochran a racist when he obviously understood that the racial composition of the jury in the O.J. Simpson case mattered a great deal?”

You know, being black doesn’t give you a license to call people racist any more than being Jewish gives you license to call people antisemitic.

So, she ought to understand that every criminal defense lawyer knows that race matters, ethnicity matters, political affiliation matters.”

Talk about a searing rebuke.

Of course race matters, just like Dershowitz said, but there are many other factors as well. Mueller knows exactly what he’s doing by selecting a jury out of DC, one of the most liberal areas in the nation.

Not only that, the court system is filled to the brim with leftists, so it will be difficult for Trump to get a fair shake as things stand.

Pointing that out doesn’t make someone a racist at all; just a realist, and realists are in short supply these days.

Source: Breitbart

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