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Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Tax Returns LEAKED…And Liberal Heads Just Freakin’ Exploded

One of the many attacks leveled at Donald Trump on the campaign trail was that he played fast and loose with his tax returns.

Liberals have been screaming this same accusation for months.

They demanded to see his tax returns because they were convinced he cheated; some believed he never paid anything.

After all, if you are a billionaire and not a liberal, you must be a tax cheat according to the left’s playbook, right? Hell, Democrats have been thinking they’re immune to laws for decades.

Unlike magnanimous liberal billionaires such as George Soros, conservatives acquired and spent their wealth through and on selfish pursuits. And if we can just get hold of their tax returns, we can prove what filthy liars they are.

Yep, that’s what all liberals think.

But oh, how the truth STINGS.

MSNBC managed to get hold of a copy of Donald Trump’s 2005 income tax return (and it was leaked ahead of time by sources like The Hill).

The short headlines tell the story, “MSNBC released Donald Trump’s 2005 tax forms tonight. Trump paid a higher rate than Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Well, Mr. Obama and friends, what’s your next move since that one miscarried so badly? Looking at the numbers won’t help your cause at all.

Businessman Donald Trump paid $38 million on $150 million in income in 2005 or roughly 25% of his earned income. Socialist Bernie Sanders paid only 13% according to his 2014 tax returns.

So, not only did the “evil capitalist” Donald Trump pay a much higher percent of his income in taxes than the beneficent socialist Bernie Sanders, but no doubt the actual dollar value was far higher given Mr. Trump’s much greater income than that of Mr. Sanders.

One of the more enjoyable spectacles we’ve witnessed over the past several months has been the attacks by the left blowing up in their faces.

It got started with Mr. Trump being considered a “clown,” and not someone to be taken seriously as a candidate for president.

That one didn’t work out at all, so now the left is intent of finding character flaws and nefarious activities to attach to the man. That requires an astonishing level of gall considering who the alternative to Mr. Trump was…

Now they find that Mr. Trump funds more government programs through his taxes than socialist Bernie Sanders can ever hope to.

Talk about taking the wind out of the left’s sails. You’re DEAD IN THE WATER, liberals!

Sources: Gateway Pundit, The Hill

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