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Donald Trump Just Dropped A Gigantic Truth Bomb On Bill Clinton…Liberals Are Freaking Out!

You can’t mock our new president and get away with it…especially if that new president’s name is Donald Trump.

Former – and lest we forget, disgraced – US president Bill Clinton has come under fire recently for reports he made during an impromptu Q&A session; those insulting comments eventually appeared on Politico and subsequently kicked off an internet firestorm.

Clinton first called Trump’s intelligence into question, then blamed everyone from FBI Director James Comey to “angry, white men” for his wife Hillary’s defeat. Really classy stuff from a really classy guy, huh? Maybe Monica Lewinski should weigh in with her thoughts.

But Trump has fired back on Twitter and opted to turn the tide; he questioned the Clinton camp’s understanding of what it really took to win the swing states, adding, “they focused on the wrong states.”

You can bet that Trump won’t let anyone pass inane judgments without merit or basis of fact, and he will indeed use social media for that battle. It has already been proven, time and time again, that the media has such an immense liberal bias, Trump has to fend for himself.

Of course, there’s no doubt democrats and liberals will forever interpret Trump’s Tweets as inflammatory and childish, despite the clear and obvious fact that the attacks on Trump are FAR more inflammatory and childish.

Hypocrisy at its finest yet again, courtesy of the naive and comically out-of-touch left.

Source: Fox News, Twitter

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