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Bombshell: Someone Just Gave Donald Trump A MASSIVE Endorsement…You Won’t Believe Who!

Take this Bill and call me in the morning!

Sanders says that he has the fix-all for the out-of-control prescription drug prices; a bill he referred to as the “Pharma Prize Bill”. Its stated purpose is to do away with government conferred monopolies for pharmaceuticals producing a certain type of drug which, in essence, causes the price of said drug to necessarily spike.

Instead, his bill replaces the monopoly grant with a “prize” (unsure of what such a prize consists) that will be given as a reward to the pharmaceutical company that has a successful drug. The better the drug, the bigger the prize.

This bill has been introduced several times over the years, but Sanders admits that it has never passed. The Republican opponents are only half the problem, however.

From The Huffington Post:

President Barack Obama was a staunch ally of big drug companies throughout his tenure in the White House, to the chagrin of humanitarian groups including Doctors Without Borders.

So, the plot thickens.

Sanders goes on to explain that he caught some of the “circus of a press conference” that Donald Trump held yesterday and that the President-elect may be stupid (“[H]e’s not very confident; Trump actually understands the plan he dashed off in the press conference”) and a plagiarist (““Sometimes he copies my statements”) but Bernie says he’s right in saying that Big Pharma gets away with murder.

Hold the phone!

Is this the second time in the span of a couple of days that Sanders agrees with Trump…? Just yesterday, he was applauding Trump’s ability to stand toe-to-toe with the Democrats, the Establishment, and the mainstream media. There must be something funny in Vermont water…

“Pharmaceutical companies have the highest profit margins of any industry in the world. Prescription drug prices are increasing by an average of over 18 percent per year, with the cost of widely used specialty treatments surging by more than $53,000 per patient per year in 2013 alone.

That means ‘bidding’ will only work in cases where there are multiple types of drugs available to treat the same condition. It’s not nothing, but it’s a relatively small piece of the problem.

‘He means ‘negotiating,’ Sanders said. ‘And if he’s up for negotiating, of course we have to do that. The VA does that and their prices are lower than for Medicare and other government agencies.’ Medicare is barred by law from negotiating lower prices with drug companies. Even with a monopoly, the sheer purchasing power of a program like Medicare can force firms to accept lower prices.”

Trump’s focus on the loosening of restrictions on competing drug companies is predicated on the idea that competition breeds price undercutting; hence, competitive drug price wars benefit both the insurance companies and the patients. Additionally, it saves the government money in the long run because programs like Medicare will have the ability to negotiate directly with the drug companies, thereby lowering drug costs.

Everyday, Trump’s Honey-Do List gets bigger, but it doesn’t appear to be worrying Americans. There are some who should be worried, though:

The Establishment of Washington.

If he fixes this problem, in addition to his large laundry list already compiled, the Hacks of DC will have no choice but to seek a second opinion.  And if Trump has anything to say about it, Democrats will be exiting stage Left!

Source: The Huffington Post

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