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BREAKING: Donald Trump Was Just Given A TREMENDOUS Honor…This Is Unbelievable!

Donald Trump has turned the world upside down this year.

There is no shortage of adjectives to describe 2016 and the recent presidential election, and many still can’t believe that Trump will be sitting in the White House come January.

But the “impossible” has happened and now, Trump has earned yet another incredible honor.

This one is REALLY going to irritate the Democrats, especially liberals who really loathe the new President-elect. Not only is it a fine honor – the list of honorees is prodigious and impressive – but it’s also hugely significant. Many Americans know all about this award and now…

Not long after Donald Trump wins the U.S. presidential election, TIME Magazine decides to confer on Trump their prestigious Person of the Year for 2016:

This is the 90th time we have named the person who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year. So which is it this year: Better or worse? The challenge for Donald Trump is how profoundly the country disagrees about the answer.

It’s hard to measure the scale of his disruption. This real estate baron and casino owner turned reality-TV star and provocateur—never a day spent in public office, never a debt owed to any interest besides his own—now surveys the smoking ruin of a vast political edifice that once housed parties, pundits, donors, pollsters, all those who did not see him coming or take him seriously. Out of this reckoning, Trump is poised to preside, for better or worse.

The revolution he stirred feels fully American, with its echoes of populists past, of Andrew Jackson and Huey Long and, at its most sinister, Joe McCarthy and Charles Coughlin. Trump’s assault on truth and logic, far from hurting him, made him stronger. His appeal—part hope, part snarl—dissolved party lines and dispatched the two reigning dynasties of U.S. politics.

There is no doubt that Trump has shaken things up. The world is changing and millions believe it’s changing for the better. Perhaps nobody would’ve anticipated Trump would win Person of the Year thirty years ago but then again, people change, too.

Trump has proven himself to be a worthy leader of our country and despite what anyone else believes, he made a profound and indelible impact on our country this year.

That much is, at the very least, undeniable.

Source: Time Magazine

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