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Donald Trump Drops Devastating Truth Bomb On Twitter…Obama, UN Humiliated!

It ain’t just a boy’s club. It’s supposed to be something important.

After the Obama/UN/Israel calamity over the Christmas holiday, it became abundantly clear that our current president has no interest in supporting Israelis. That move, as everyone knows, didn’t go over well with the American public.

And the United Nations is definitely in need of some work…perhaps an upgrade or an overhaul, or maybe just a bunch of people who take their jobs extremely seriously and don’t just meet up every now and then for coffee and donuts.

Incoming president Donald Trump isn’t about to let the UN off the hook, either. In fact, after the Security Council voted to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Trump fired off a pretty brutal Tweet:

It is sad, isn’t it? The good news is that Trump has already said things will be different at the UN after January 20 (inauguration day), and he has taken a more pro-Israel position in the past year.

The Obama administration abstained from voting last week, ignoring Trump’s requests that the U.S. exercise its veto power, and then the world sort of exploded. Israeli ambassador Benjamin Netanyahu is on record saying Obama “betrayed” the Israeli people. He also warned that Obama might have more anti-Israel tricks up his sleeve.

Yep, things will indeed be different when Trump takes over.

And thank God for that.


Source: Fox News, Donald Trump Twitter

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