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Driver Spots This Man Walking Down The Road…Seconds Later, The ‘Hiking Patriot’ Is An Internet SENSATION

How can we properly honor fallen heroes who lost their lives in service to our country?

It seems no matter what we do, it cannot equal the sacrifices that they have made.

And when we see heroes who are still alive continually performing heroic deeds, we have to stand up and applaud.

You see, each of us can do something to honor those who currently serve, and those who served in the past.

It’s doesn’t have to be spectacular; it doesn’t even have to cost you a dime…in truth, the most honest emotions behind a sincere act will always shine through.

One man did just that and his story should prove inspirational for all true Patriots.

He was spotted carrying a flag as he was walking down a road; a motorist stopped to ask him about it, and it turned out to be heartwarming and truly amazing tale that is currently blowing up Facebook.

For some reason, the post and its corresponding pictures has since been deleted from Larry’s Drive By Pictures, but we captured the story before it disappeared. Read it below.

From Conservative Tribune:

“After Facebook user Carmine Ginocchio ran into [Mike] Shuler doing something special to remember his fallen comrades, he knew he had to share it with the world.”

‘I passed him [Shuler] and pulled into a parking area, where I took some photos of him, and when he got closer to me, I asked him a few questions.

He said he was in Afghanistan and Iraq during his term (in the military).

He was with 25th Marines out of Devens (and) was also active at Camp Lejeune and that he lost a few good friends during that time, and just wanted to honor them by doing something.

He was walking from Townsend MA, up through Brookline NH and Hollis NH, he was on his way to Nashua (New Hampshire) and then back to Townsend.

It was his way of making people aware of what Memorial Day is about, those who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice for our freedom.'”

Few of us will ever face death in the way that the American servicemen and servicewomen did. Our contribution to this nation will have to be of a different sort.

As we think about it on Memorial Day, and on every day thereafter, perhaps the best way we can honor these heroes is to stand diligently in support of our liberties for which they gave all.

If we do that, it will be enough.

Sources: Conservative Tribune

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