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Election Worker Lets Illegal Thugs Vote, Then The Hammer Of JUSTICE Comes Crashing Down

Could Charles Manson have voted in North Carolina for Bernie Sanders in this past election?

The answer is “absolutely,” if he was voting in the county where Joy Yvette Wilkerson worked.

Who is Ms. Wilkerson? Just the cutest lil’ button of a Board of Elections worker in Granville, North Carolina, who probably contributed to the Hillary’s fraudulent vote tally back in November.

This upstanding flower of the Party of the Jackass was very upset that a lot of convicted felons were not able to vote, so she took matters into her own hands.

With the elections records at her fingertips, she took the initiative to alter the voting status of 250 CONVICTED FELONS in her county so they could access their God-given right to violate federal voting laws!

Well, she was just following in the footsteps of our former president, who believed it was okay to rig elections to achieve the desired liberal result. She just had to hide the truth, like Obama.

Only one problem: Both have been caught.

The Political Insider:

“A State Board of Elections spokesman said Wilkerson was hired on a temporary basis in late 2015 through a staffing agency to help Granville County prepare for the presidential election.

The county’s election director discovered the problem in June 2016 and ‘quickly notified the State Board of Elections, which investigated the matter and recently sent a full report about the case to the district attorney’s office for Granville County for possible prosecution.’

She was arrested last week and charged with two counts of felony fraudulent unlawful voter registration and one misdemeanor of unlawful altering of voter registration.

So, the Democrats will continuously call voter ID laws racist and say they will suppress voting for minorities, even when 99% of minorities don’t have a problem in the world with IDs.

Once again, the stupidity of the Leftists staggers the imagination.

And the fact that they continue to teach this tripe in the schools and universities in order to adversely influence our young people, turning them all into tiny little mindless Progressive robots, is criminal!

Then again, it seems that criminals are their favorite voters. The White House correctly exposed the massive voter fraud scandal earlier this year, and we wonder how many cons and illegals were involved…

Sources: The Political InsiderWNCN

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