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BREAKING: Electoral College Officially Names The 45th President…Look Who’s Celebrating! Unbelievable!

It’s over.

And when we say it’s over, liberals and democrats, we mean it: IT’S OVER.

No more bellyaching, no more sad, pathetic attempts to turn electors, no more whining about Russia or racism or anything else you can dream up. The end has come and Hillary Clinton is the loser.

As confirmed by The New York Times, the Electoral College has confirmed that Donald J. Trump is the nation’s 45th president, as the Republican nominee easily pushed past the 270-vote threshold needed for election.

The revolt democrats wanted didn’t happen and in fact, didn’t even come close to happening. Though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a slim margin, there was never much doubt that Trump would come through in the Electoral College, as the dems thug-like tactics to subvert the process fell well shy.


Electors were slammed with phone calls and emails demanding they change their vote; basically saying it doesn’t matter what the rest of the state wanted. This sort of thing typically doesn’t work and you know what? …it didn’t.

Clinton is out and Trump is in.

There’s really nothing left to say, is there? I’m willing to bet certain anti-America self-proclaimed pundits like Michael Moore will have plenty to say, of course, but they can’t stop the inevitable now.

And that really is quite satisfying.

Source: New York Times

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