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Creepy T-Mobile Employee ‘Fixes’ Her Phone…Then She Checks Her Email And INSTANTLY Calls The Police

When you give your phone to someone, you need to understand that your personal information is at risk.

Unfortunately, this even holds true when you’re bringing it to so-called professionals at cell phone stores.

One woman had a technical issue with her smartphone, so she brought it to a T-Mobile store and asked for it to be fixed.

Roberto Sanchez-Ramos is the employee who took the phone and supposedly fixed it, but what the woman DIDN’T know is that Sanchez-Ramos was already on probation for a crime against the company.

She also didn’t know that earlier this year, he was arrested and charged with felonies for snooping through the personal info found on customer phones.

Now, from IJR citing The Smoking Gun:

On May 26, a female customer went to T-Mobile to receive help with a technical difficulty.

While she was expecting a simple factory reboot, she noticed something was off when she received her phone back. According to The Smoking Gun, the victim:

[N]oticed her email had been accessed and her sexually explicit video was sent.’

The woman took this privacy violation to the police when she did not recognize the address of the recipient.

The police alleged that Sanchez-Ramos, the previously convicted T-Mobile employee, was to blame.

Does anyone have any idea why this guy was employed in the first place? Probation? Felony? What’s it take to be FIRED these days?

Privacy is becoming an increasingly worrisome problem and if companies like T-Mobile are going to continue to look the other way, the risk only escalates.

Just remember: When you give your phone to someone and that phone disappears, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, the person with the phone has access to EVERYTHING.

That’s a pretty scary thought, isn’t it?

Sources: Independent Journal Review, The Smoking Gun

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