Red, White, and Right



When Colin Kaepernick “took the knee” during the National Anthem, Trump was not yet president. Why is that significant?

It’s significant because before Trump was elected in a “shocking upset” of Hillary, the Democrats as a whole (one, huge, Leftist, angry, PC-driven movement) were 100% convinced that the World agreed with them.

They were sure that the entire planet’s population hated Christians and Jews, that they welcomed terrorists to their home soil while the Obama administration PROTECTED those terrorists abroad.

Yep, the whole world was all Pro-Infanticide, and all believed that color and gender mattered more than the content of your character.

Hey, if NPR said it, then all the world MUST believe it!

The one big problem? None of it was true.

WARNING: Liberal Snowflakes quickly plug your ears and run for your safe space…or your freakin’ “protest wall.”


“Through the end of 2016, Bristol, Connecticut-based ESPN had lost about 12 million subscribers from a 100 million high in 2011.

‘At an estimated $7 per subscriber, that dip has been a substantial hit to Disney, especially considering media networks made up 49 percent of Disney’s profits during fiscal 2016,’ explained The Wrap about ESPN’s financial troubles.

Against this backdrop, in 2017 alone, the network is on the hook for $7 billion in broadcast rights fees to the NFL, NBA, MLB, and various college leagues. The NFL used to print money, but ratings were down this year substantially across the board, including NFL Monday Night Football on ESPN.

As subscribers head for the exit, Fox Sports Radio host Clay Travis estimates ESPN has forfeited about $1.3 billion in the process, and so for this year it has lost 10,000 cable or satellite subscribers each day, in part because, in his view, the network made a calculated decision to veer far left.

This isn’t so much about mainstream media lies and shameless slant as it is about a network’s obvious bias…a network that isn’t supposed to be remotely political.

If you’re an avid listener of Rush Limbaugh, this will not be news to you.

In fact, the leading Conservative talk show host has been broadcasting this view literally for years (more than a decade). He had proffered this view long ago in the years when the Left began to rail against pee-wee league football and the rate of concussions.

As is widely known, Limbaugh resigned from his position on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” for a fake controversy over a comment that he made about the press and its desire to see Donovan McNabb, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, do well because they had invested so much hope in him as an African-American player.

Needless to say, it is more than obvious that ESPN’s hemorrhaging of dollars and subscribers directly correlates to this sharp swing to the Left.

A friend of mine who works at ESPN actually said to me recently:

If you like your job here, you’d best not ever utter the words, Donald Trump.

Oh yes. Very tolerant indeed. Good job again, libs…now you’re driving billion-dollar corporations into the ground with your Nazi-esque propaganda.

Source: Inquisitr

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