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Breaking: FBI Drops GIGANTIC H-Bomb On Berkeley Rioters…Liberals Are Freaking Out!

Good. Good, good and great.

Here’s a story that’ll make the sane people sit up and take notice, and breathe easy while mulling this one thought, uttering this one simple prayer:

Thank God Barack Obama’s not president any more. He probably agrees with that despicable Congresswoman who said the Berkeley riots were a “beautiful thing.”

And let’s face it, if Obama were still president, this story wouldn’t exist. Nothing would be done; there would be nothing to report.

And fact that the FBI is investigating the Mayor for obstructing police officers from performing their sworn duties to PROTECT citizens? That likely wouldn’t have been reported, either.

Remember how the University of California at Berkeley was just on fire, in chaos, as students went completely berserk because a Breitbart News reporter coming to speak, and ended up hospitalizing people and causing over $100,000 in damages?

Well, the campus chiefs said sorry, though there wasn’t much accountability going around.

But this is a new administration, a new president, a new White House. And this one, under President Donald Trump, apparently isn’t so loose and goosey with the whole law and order things.

From Breitbart:

“UC Berkeley have confirmed that the FBI are investigating the identities of the violent left-wing rioters responsible for cancellation of Breitbart Editor MILO’s talk at the university, according to university news site Berkeleyside.”

Ooh. As the opener reads: Good. This should be good to watch as it unfolds, because somebody – and you can pretty much take this to the bank – but somebody is going to be held accountable for this.

Somebody’s going to pay for the damages, kind of like how the state is going to force violent protesters to pay taxes for their pipeline freak-outs.

Somebody might even be expelled for violating not just campus rules, but criminal laws.

It’s enough to make a conservative giggle.

After all, after eight years of Obama going after the cops and condemning the police for racism, it’ll be nice to see law turned back on its ordered head, and to see the inmates sent back to the asylum where they belong.

One last time: GOOD.

Source: Breitbart

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