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It’s OVER: FBI Annihilates One MASSIVE Conspiracy Theory…Trump CLEARED!

Okay, that’s it.

The Trump/Russia conspiracy is DEAD. Got that, liberals?

It wasn’t enough that the so-called ‘Trump Dossier” was exposed as a “garbage document.” Democrats once again ignored the obvious truth and still hammered the conspiracy down every American’s throat.

At the same time, we’re all supposed to look the other way when we learn the Clinton Foundation received TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars from Russia over the years. Yeah, that’s different somehow, right?

Still, the left won’t shut up about Trump and Russia.

And surprise, surprise – one of Democrats’ biggest ploys tries to take down President Donald Trump has come to a screeching halt.

You know the story: it ran for weeks and weeks, ad nauseam, talking about how Trump supposedly secretly colluded with Russians to hack the American electoral process and swing votes out of the camp of Hillary Clinton and into his.

Even Barack Obama, former president, got in on the act, calling for queries from his then-lame duck White House position and booting several of Russia’s diplomats and dignitaries from U.S. facilities in supposed shock and awe.

But guess what?

Turns out, it’s all bunk.

NBC News reporter Pete Williams spoke to one of his colleagues, anchor Craig Melvin, about the FBI investigation into allegations of Trump-Russia collusions and, as Williams said, Conservative Tribune reported (via The Daily Wire):

They found no indication that there was any collusion. The number of these contacts was not a large number, they were not constant. They were not contacts as far as the U.S. knows, with Russian intelligence people.

Well isn’t that such a shocker.

Seriously, aside from all the Trump voters in America, and the Republicans, and the Trump family, and on yeah, the sane – who knew?

Trump tried to take down this absurdity over and over and each time, the left decided to ignore his repudiations. But can they continue to ignore evidence like this?

Good thing Democrats were on the ball to launch this investigation. How else would we have known the election had gone forth in a free and unfettered fashion, absent any shenanigans and untoward relations?

Maybe Democrats will now let Trump get down to the business of governing and leading, and stop all this parti — oh what am I saying. Of course they won’t.

Source: Conservative Tribune, The Daily Wire

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