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Breaking: FBI Launches EXPLOSIVE Strike Against Berkeley Mayor…What He Did Is SICK!

Peace-loving liberals.


These people are downright VICIOUS. Hostile, hateful, nasty, and above all, shockingly violent. Not only are they planning yet another massive protest (for a completely idiotic reason, by the way), but they continue to freakin’ lose their minds.

Washington had to react to swarms of potentially dangerous protesters descending upon the city during Donald Trump’s inauguration week and now, the FBI has to react to something equally despicable.

Just remember when you read this that in the ’60s, liberals were all about open, honest, and peaceful discourse on college campuses. They hated the idea of drowning out differing opinions and, supposedly, loved everyone.

Now, you may have heard about the disgusting Berkeley riots that erupted in response to a Milo Yiannopoulos speech, which ultimately had to be canceled. It was a revolting, embarrassing scene and the behind-the-scenes information is even worse.

That’s why the FBI is getting involved.

According to a report at MagaFeed and other sources, the FBI is now investigating the Mayor of Berkeley, who apparently told police to STAND DOWN during the mass riots that led to horrific assaults at UC Berkeley.

Mayor Jesse Arreguin actually seemed to welcome the uprising, which resulted in many individuals being hospitalized, with one in critical condition, not to mention over $100,000 in damages.

Yeah, peace-loving liberals.

Well, Washington cracked down on hundreds of out-of-their-mind protesters a few weeks ago, and that included arrests and felony charges. The same damn thing should happen again, and this Mayor needs to be FIRED.

These people aren’t merely of a different mind. They’ve gone off the deep end and have become that which they propose to hate: NAZIS.

If you don’t agree with them, they have only one reaction, and it’s filled with hate, adolescent derision, and ultimately, all-out suppression.

Want to see the true enemies of America? Right here, people.

Source: MagaFeed

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