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FBI Launches MASSIVE Strike Against Hillary’s Dirtbag Crony…And Her ENTIRE FAMILY!

The swamp is there. It’s just a matter of how deep it goes.

And when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her associates,  this cesspit might be bottomless.

She had the Trump/Russia scheme cooking within 24 hours of her defeat and of course, that’s just the tip of this criminal iceberg.

Of course, Hillary sets the standard for corruption, but what about her associates?

While they might never achieve the depths she has plumbed, some have tried. Or maybe it just comes naturally for a Hillary affiliate?

Huma Abedin, the woman constantly at Hillary’s side, not only has a husband – Anthony Weiner – under criminal investigation, but now the FBI is chasing other members of her crooked family.

Is anybody really surprised?

World Net Daily reports that the U.S. Justice Department has been actively prosecuting two other Abedin family members [in addition to husband Anthony Weiner] – for conspiracy, wire fraud and securities fraud – and she along with the State Department, where she previously worked for Clinton, are mentioned in the federal case, court records show.

These undesirable family connections, revealed here for the first time, raise fresh questions about influence peddling at the State Department under Clinton, who is now reportedly working with Abedin on a political comeback.”

If it turns out that Huma and her family are the crooks who finally connect Hillary’s State Department with influence peddling by being clumsy enough to get caught and convicted, Huma suddenly becomes a weight around Hillary’s neck.

Could Huma turn out to be more of a liability to Hillary than she can stand?

Recall that anything or anyone who gets between Hillary and money, power, or a political position is a target. There is no depth to which the Clintons will not sink, and the skeletons in their closet are quite literally skeletons.

Plus, if Hillary is looking to make some kind of a political comeback, she will no doubt look to unload any baggage.

Huma best be careful.

Source: Yes, I’m Right

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