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Breaking: Feds CAUGHT Helping Illegals – Terrorists Slipping Through HUGE Cracks!

We must guard this nation from penetration by terrorists, regardless of point of origin.

And that means we cannot assume that foreign nationals entering the U.S. from areas outside the Middle East are unlikely to present dangers.

In fact, if other countries don’t properly do their jobs, the U.S. is in grave danger; after all, we can’t possibly police the entire planet.

President Trump has rightly focused efforts on controlling immigration from selected Middle Eastern nations which have large concentrations of terrorists, and we just loved it when Attorney General Jeff Sessions threw down the hammer.

But we cannot expect terrorists to give up just because it’s more difficult to enter the nation from the Middle East. Instead, expect them to shift their tactics.

There are many nations whose citizens have relatively easy access to the United States. Hence, for a terrorist to get a passport from one of these countries would allow much easier travel to and from our country.

And that’s precisely what has been going on in a nation south of our border.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Venezuelan police arrested six government workers last week for allegedly selling authentic Venezuelan identity documents, such as passports and birth certificates, to individuals of ‘Syrian origin’ for $5,000 each.”

Syria certainly has its share of terrorists, and from a variety of groups as well.

If, or when, they conclude its time to begin operations in the U.S., coming up with $5,000 to get Venezuelan passport seems a cheap price.

So they get to a South American nation like Venezuela, “buy” a passport for five grand with a fictitious name from some corrupt local officials, and enter the U.S. with relative ease.

It’s not just the lower functionaries in Venezuelan government that have gotten in on the scheme, either.

“More disturbing is the connection between the Venezuelan vice president and passports that were issued in a similar scheme.


CNN reported that intelligence gained from confidential reports from Latin countries claimed that Tareck El Aissami was responsible for issuing Venezuelan passports to 173 individuals from the Middle East during a four-year period.

Some of those individuals were allegedly linked to terrorist organization Hezbollah, which is closely associated with Iran.

This is precisely what happens when you have an irresponsible attitude toward law enforcement.

Americans are subjected to terrifying dangers as a result of a derelict government that can’t even meet its basic responsibility of protecting the people. THIS is precisely why Trump has to be proactive in attacking terrorism overseas.

Replacing the Obama administration with responsible adults was the first act in draining a badly polluted swamp.

Now we just have to hope other countries step up as well. One thing liberals have right: We ARE all in this together. The fight against evil affects us all.

Source: Conservative Tribune, CNN

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