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First Lady Does Something Beautiful For Kids…And You Won’t BELIEVE How The Media Reacts

Every first lady does her part for the masses.

Michelle Obama had several missteps as first lady of the country, as we all know, but Melania Trump is off to a flying start.

She has already ruffled feathers by reading a prayer before one of her speeches (and of course, liberals went apesh**), and she continues to exude grace, charm, and dignity wherever she goes.

Sure, the Democrats hate her and will find a way to discredit her at every turn.

Any and all accusations, attacks, and insults are fair game as far as the Leftists are concerned, which is why it’s even more impressive when the first lady keeps her cool.

On top of which, the mainstream media attempts to place a tremendous amount of weight on first lady pet projects, simply because they love fancy Hollywood packaging and if something can drive the ratings for that week…

Of course, that is if the first lady is a Democrat. If it’s someone like Melania, they can find problems, even when she sits there and reads to kids:


“First Lady Melania Trump is back in New York City after spending Tuesday in the nation’s capital to watch her husband address his first joint session of Congress, and on Thursday she decided to spend some time giving back.

The 46-year-old was spotted exiting Trump Tower a little before 11am and making her way into a waiting car to spend the afternoon reading books to sick children at New York Presbyterian hospital.

The First Lady hid her perfectly contoured face behind a pair of oversized sunglasses while braving the March chill in a black overcoat draped over a royal blue sweater.

She arrived to the hospital at 11.04am and got to work talking to the young patients and reading from one of the many Dr. Seuss books she brought along with her, which were carried out to the car by an aide in a white box decorated with gold ribbon.

‘I came to encourage you to read,’ Melania told the children before launching into Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

She later added that she wanted the children to think about ‘what you want to achieve in life.'”

DailyMail produced a rather lengthy article referring to all the First Lady’s busy schedule.

But it also spend an inordinate amount of time on not only what she was wearing and who made the outfit, but how much it cost (as if that was somehow more important than the meetings themselves).

This obsession by the media regarding the price-tags on everything that Melania Trump wears borders on the Chris Matthews “tingle up his leg” comment whenever he heard Obama speak in public.


This is a typical way that the media tends to deal with the differences between the Right and the Left.

When a Democrat is in the White House, his First Lady can do no wrong and any endeavor on her part is noble and good. When a Republican is in the White House, his First Lady is spending money on herself and her staff unnecessarily and her pet projects play second fiddle to fashion.

All this, despite the fact that Melania has done nothing – repeat: absolutely nothing – to warrant these assumptions and accusations. In fact, she’s been nothing but an inspiration since her husband took office.

Newsflash for MSM: Obama quintupled the debt of the United States in only eight years. If we’re going to talk about money, let’s have that conversation right now.

Source: DailyMail

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